Dear Bravo, #rhob

The Atlanta Housewives are getting tired. Please move Nene to The Beverly Hills show where we know she belongs. The queen has simply outgrown Atlanta & her weave tugging ways of yesteryear!



  1. Nene is welcomed to come and get on her hands and knees to clean my apartmint here in WestHollywood. Mellissa Brown will lead the way. I would also like to get some black paint an dpaint some spots on her yellow hair to create a new look for her. Her urine yellow hair is getting tired. She needs a new look then I will have a coller maid for her that will read her name-Nene! She can also be taught to do yard work as well in front of my building. Thats prolly the ONLY way she will be able to make to to BH to come have a job that she can clean at or do some type of domestic work.


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