Andrew Christian
December 1, 2012

Christopher Clark's "Strategy"

Porn rat Christopher Clark seams to live in a delusional state, constantly bragging about himself and his overly shopped photos on his Facebook. Hunty, may we suggest discovering Proactive for that face and backne?! We think until you place an order you should stick to keeping your shirt on and mouth shut.

Gossup Gurl 


  1. I think he's hot!

  2. he has one of the best hearts ever and doesn't deserve this at all... can we move on? thanks

  3. I don't know him personally but I started noticing him on Facebook before his porn days went public. All I gotta say is this guy is dumb. He pretended he was rich but everything he said was just logically self-defeating.

  4. And he used to be real cute before those ghetto tattoos. Lost all my interest in him.

  5. what happened to his "heir to a fortune" reality tv show? if youre an "heir" why d u have to do prn and sell underwear on the late night shift while freeballing to make money? hmmmmmm?

  6. people who have good hearst dont say the shit that this boy says on facebook... lets be real....

  7. When I saw him shirtless in the store last night I set my purchase down and walked out the door- he has about 37 large moles on hi sback I stood there and counted!! About 9 of them had hair or fur growing out of them! Next time you are in there just WAIT till he turns around! When you see the moles and the hair growing out of them you will be turned off! Can you imagine running your hands down his back while thinking he was smooth and feeling his back with Braille on it! Forget it!

  8. He looks better in the dark club. I saw him at the store a few days ago. He no Jayden Grey who looks good in and out of lighting

  9. This guy is only 5 ft tall what made him think any one would buy anything from him...I herd he does scat scenes for money!

  10. poz escort on steroids

  11. This kid is pretty ghetto. I use to follow him on Facebook after he came out and tried to be honest about his porn past and turn a new leaf. However, weeks later he was back doing porn and slutting himself out. He went from wanting to be a "role model" to gay youth, to getting ass pounded on screen, in about a week. Moreover, I saw him out at eleven bar and was shocked at how different he looked! He has awful skin and chain smokes like a chimney! Typical WEHO bullshit, Porn, Drugs and Self-Delusion.

  12. At what store does he work/sell stuff?

  13. Btw how insecure is Lance Nelson? Who disables their Facebook account every other day like he does?

    Lance if you see this: You're real cute that's why I keep talking about you. Lets kiss and fu(k 😊

  14. omg yes... lance is a mess too.... one second hes a top next hes a bottom... next vers... then hes into then hes not. such a mess.

  15. Who cares?
    Why do we have to keep hearing about these disease ridden, drug addicted whores?
    Chris Clark never met a Tina pipe or fat rail of cocaine he didn't love.

  16. Sad that you guys ccan sit there and talk shit about this guy. Let him be shit you guys are pathetic

  17. Hey WehoCon! It's SEEMS, not seams. You guys SEEM to have a real problem with homonyms. Using spellcheck isn't enough, you need to get in the habit of PROOFREADING.

  18. @11:16
    No, YOU'RE the pathetic asshole.
    We are sick and tired of these disease ridden, drug addicted whores being somehow representative of Weho gays.
    They represent the worst of the worst, yet people like you keep saying we should "give them a break" or " they have a good heart"
    They're stupid, lazy, self indulgent pathological liars who voraciously suck down every drink, drug, and dollar they can steal or beg.
    The more these worthless pieces of shit get exposed, the better!

  19. He and I did a scat seen onece or twice it was fun! Messy butt fun! The moles on hi sback turned me off it looked like shit splattered all over his back!!

  20. He let me take a dump in his mouth for $60!

  21. I would personally like to take a dump on his face when I have diaheraha then use my cock to stir it in hi smouth then piss in it then make him kiss me while I smoke some Tina n2 my lungs and shoot some tar up n2 my veigns all the while Christmas music is playing in the back ground.

  22. The WeHoCon Troll who always posts a ton of responses pretending to be different people sure is posting a lot on this guy. He must be jealous. Sad really.

  23. @12:08
    I love this post!
    Shit smeared on his face would be a VAST improvement!

  24. @1:40pm
    I might agree except what the FUCK is there to be jealous of here, with this worthless excuse for a human being?
    Rampant drug abuse?
    HIV positive status?
    Rampant steroid abuse?
    Anal warts?
    I could go on but you get the picture.
    Not a damn thing to be jealous of here, folks.

  25. his butt hole tastes like shepard's pie

  26. No one is jealous of anything. I simply posted I took a shit in his mouth I loved he loved an dgot paid for it- so what

  27. The level of vulgarity is sicking here. No wonder the greater society at large hates us. Who on earth would allow for any of you to adopt, raise a family, or have equal rights when your behavior, thoughts, and actions are sub-human.

  28. ^^^
    ROFL at this one.
    Yeah, because we all know "the greater society", whatever that is, just flocks to this site in droves.
    And not only that, they studiously read the comments on each post (99% of which are about worthless pieces of shit nobody but a handful of people in Weho have heard of) and based on that decide that yes, all gays are sickening vulgarians who don't deserve to adopt, raise a family, or have equal rights.
    Yes, all because of SOME comments on this teeny tiny blog.
    Your logic is truly mind blowing.
    How much Tina did you smoke before you posted that , genius?

  29. @ 8:05
    Honey who cares cock and ass are all we think about any ways. I adopted two kids cause I have $. I also smoke tina cause I enjoy it. I also love drinking piss and shitting on people. I fooled the adpotion angency in thinking I am "normal" . So No queen dont think that anyone prevented ME from getting my way and no I am not the oNLY one out there lie me ! Theres a Dad SAct gruop I belong to and guess what we have a great time! And yes I love Tina!

  30. It's amazing how many of you idiots constantly put down people on this site. I find it hilarious that you spend so much time tearing others down on this site.

    I don't frequent this site often, and have found the information posted slanderous and vile. NOTE: To the editors of this site, you all better have a great legal team, because one of these days, you will be sued for libel and slander -- which is only right, being that publish shit on people who are not "in the public eye."

    As for Chris, he does have ego problems, but what queen in Weho doesn't? There are tons of boys doing or have done porn in Weho (Matt Garcia, Kyle Huber... the list goes on and on), yet you hand pick people you hate.

    I give Chris some credit, at least he has the balls to admit he is a porn-star (star maybe not, but on his way).

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    like to find something more risk-free. Do you
    have any recommendations?
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  32. @9:07
    No, what's amazing is people like you who claim they hate this site and "never" visit it yet every single post, there you are, wringing your hands in despair because some pissant blog a handful of people in Weho read dared to have the temerity to speak negatively about someone that (outside of Weho gay bars) NOBODY knows.
    And having a good legal team?
    Don't make me laugh.
    You are clearly not only a moron but have no fucking idea what constitutes slander or libel.
    Saying someone needs Proactiv for bacne is an OPINION, protected by the first amendment, genius.
    And the comments here aren't the responsibility of the site, they are opinions expressed (no matter how vulgarly you may think) by its readers.
    And finally, if you hate this site and the comments so much, stop reading it and commenting!
    You just come across as the world's biggest hypocrite otherwise, hunty!

  33. @9:35
    Nobody cares about your shitty blog.
    Why don't you spend some money and hire a professional like most people instead of expecting help for free.

  34. lets all get high now

  35. @10:29
    Yes ma'am!
    I already am, trust!
    Great minds think alike!
    (And they think even better after smoking Tina, hunty!)

  36. Santa come inside me child kill childres knit me a cowl scarfDecember 3, 2012 at 11:21 AM

    I need some scat in my mouth
    I need to adopt
    I need to strip
    I need to knit
    I need chil protective services to come find me in a diaper and a pear of earrings!!
    Open my shitter suck it out
    Twinkle twinkle lil star a frrrriging hoe is what I are!

  37. Mellisa brown passed away toda in the Wilminton Bath house after a case of gas passing. She had clutched in her lil hands a machete and one barbell- go figure.

  38. Bye bye Meliissa dont tke the drugs with you leave them here for my cunsumption!

  39. Am I the only one who thinks he is hot? Haters gonna hate

  40. @11:21
    Keep 'me coming, the house down!
    I'm gonna smoke this gram and laugh some more!

  41. @11:23
    I thought Melissa passed a month ago from black tar heroin and crack.
    She sure loved to PNP, emphasis on the first P!

  42. @12:22
    Not hardly.
    Guess you must love bacne, anal warts, and HIV.
    And shit smeared rectums.
    Yeah, I'm a hater and I hate nasty fucks like Chris Clark.
    And your sorry ass.

  43. @ 1:05 At least I have the balls to show who I really am on here, which is more than I can say for you. As for hating me, you know NOTHING about me, what is to hate?

  44. @Michael Hart
    By golly, you're just a ball of fire and intelligence, aren't you?
    Reread the post, genius.
    The sentence with the word "hate" in it was clearly referring to the subject of the post, Chris Clark.
    NOT to your unknown ass.
    Jesus, does ANYONE on this site have an IQ higher than room temperature?

  45. Don't feed the WeHoCon Troll, Michael.

    Almost all of the comments made on this blog are from the same person posting over and over again.

    They're probably doing it for one of 3 reasons:

    1) They're insanely jealous of the people that get posted about.
    2) They're trying to make this but website look bad for whatever reason by having such hateful comments all over it (I think the website does a great job of making itself look bad already all the time).
    3) It's the owner(s) of this site trying to make it seem like more people read this blog and feel the same way they do about the people they post.

    I hope people are smart enough to realize that it is just the same loser posting about anal warts, HIV, etc.

  46. @ misscleoinwatts- to quote you directly- "Yeah, I'm a hater and I hate nasty fucks like Chris Clark.
    And your sorry ass"...remind me again how "your sorry ass" isn't about me?

  47. Im a whore on LarrabeeDecember 3, 2012 at 9:05 PM

    Hi guess what ?No one cares. You are no different. Everyones on Grinder looking for cock just like you are. Im spreading deisease everynite. They look at me on Grinder they hit me up and they come to my apartment at Larrabee. Somes times the enter on Larrabee some times on Palm im still the same hoe..No one asked if im neg or not. No one asked if i have anal warts or not. I Love cock and the more the better . On a busy nite I could take ten to 15 guys. Some times when they come over theres already one or two or three or four or five guys here. They think its a pot of gold. Im high on coke, some times meth, some times Mary Jane. Who cares. In the day I hook out on rentboy and get paid for sex older men fat men I dont care... They make me hard and I shoot and get paid... I love sex... So come over let me give you a good time

  48. For people who claim to hate the site and "never" come to it and/or read it, Michael Hart and the other asshole sure do post on it on an almost hourly basis.
    Gotta love lying hypocrites!
    Keep it up, hunties!

  49. @MichaelHart
    Judging from your pictures on Facebook, your ass is definitely not the sorriest part of you, dear.
    Lord, someone needs some SERIOUS work done on that schnozz.
    Maybe an acid peel to help with that hamburger complexion, perhaps?
    Get thee to a professional, STAT!

  50. @I'mAWhoreOnLarrabee
    LOOOOOOVE your posts, because you tell it like it is!
    Keep the truth COMING, hunty!
    We need MORE posters like you!
    And to the asshole saying that this is all the same person, think again.
    I know you're mentally challenged but I'm clearly NOT the same person as the Whore on Larrabee (whom I have the utmost respect and admiration for).

  51. LOL the comments on here are highly amusing.

  52. @12:25
    Glad you like them, darling!
    We do try to keep the witty repartee going here!

  53. The comments on this site are better than the posts (in fact, who cares about the posts?)

  54. Freeball? With what? It's got the circumference of a Pixie Stick. I'll take girth over length any day of the week…


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