Andrew Christian
December 3, 2012

Caption This: FACE! FACE! FACE!

Is she on a Disney cruz?! GURL! That face cast more shadows than a palm tree! 

La'Paint Urface


  1. She should call herself "Miss Janet" cuz she NASTY!

  2. She look like she made out of cheap fabric. Her name shoudl be H&M

  3. dollar store mask?

  4. Wow Marc Rigoni really needs to lay off the MAC...

  5. She's obviously is one of the Jackson's Fuckin duh dumb fucks who write this blog. Weho queens are seriously the most bitter nasty humans on earth. It's sad...

  6. That is a great Janet Jackson costume! LOL. she is Janet from the Rythmn Nation era. The make-up is great.

  7. i think thats coco montrese from drag race season 5

  8. She is in las vegas performing in a show called Frank Marino's DIVAS Las VEGAS on the strip and I've seen it she is amazing as Janet Jackson to bad you LA queens are so bitter you wanna try and read but you cant! I saw her and shes one of the best thats why she landed a job on the strip and not in a bar like you goons!! i'd drive from here to Las vegas and pay to see her in a casino showroom before i watch you busted queens! the only thing cheap about her is the ticket they will sell your broke ass cause you can only afford to sit in the back of the showroom.


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