Where 2 Be: 11/10/12 Saturday

1) The Die Antwoord concert is tonight at the Shrine... you'll catch us in the VIP acting all kinds of sleezy!!

2) After the show we're going to play chinese jump ropes with Luke Nero's foreskin at Rasputin!!

3) We're sick of LA getting a bad rap for closing at 2am so join us for our favorite underground after hours club ...  A members only event. Drink and party till morning with a...  Proper DJ & etc. with your $20 membership (at the door).  This is a PRIVATE invitation only event. If you or your friends would like to come just join the group please & invite them via Facebook.

See you tonight clit baby!!



  1. Did not see Lucas John or AJ at EITHER of these events....and they were for sure NOT backstage of the show. HA HA HA HA #liarwannabe

  2. They were too busy getting fucked minus the condim at the bath house.


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