What's the Word Yo ? ? ? GRAZIN'

The Word of the Week is:

The wandering act of of consumption by local heifers, hustlers, citizens, bloggers & couch surfers alike, who seem to be at every party, drinking, eating, flying & get photographed w/celeb without any notable reason/career/income to speak of. And they are the always THE plus one!

They are the Cheyennes, Daniel Hensons, Joe Hollywoods & the Candice Caynes of this city who  seem  to be nonchalantly living off the land of plenty in style... according to their instragrams. But you can't pay the rent with borrowed cocktails?

Don't let him fool you. Lucas John sure loves to call the kettle black but his grazin' habits fall just short of Bryan Singer - Entin Twin status! 

Soju B. 

See you in hell!!


  1. love teh word lol

  2. daniel hanson is a convict
    hoe hollywood works at san vicente innnski


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