Andrew Christian
November 29, 2012

What Ever Happened to Jayden Grey ? ? ?

 Has anyone seen or heard anything... anything at all!?



  1. poz escort sugar daddy orange county

  2. Omg he has aids?!!! omg!

  3. He drank my urine!

  4. Poz doesn't = AIDS.

  5. He moved to Manhattan Beach with he equally insane boyfriend. His boyfriend (Corey) couldn't take all the gays in West Hollywood anymore, so he moved back to the South Bay to live off his family's money.
    Oh, let's not forget the new project they're both involved in now.......

    So looks like nothing has changed with Jayden, except his location and source of money.
    I guess that styling job with Dolce & Gabbana never panned out. LOL

  6. Boo... I was hoping for the LA River.

  7. He's piece of shit

    and hiding his status

    is his bf poz too?

  8. Corey is broke any ways they live in an APARTMINT with coreys mothers. His mother used to work at Joanns fabric. So these queen couldnt pay thier rent in WEHO and had to resort to staying with coryes mother who could use financial assistnace herself.

  9. is it just speculation he is poz or FACT? and what about his bf?

    Oh my god... I used to think Corey was cool and down to earth. how on earth did this happen? Jayden is a bad influence for sure. What a mess....

    Thats what happens when you marry a woman and figure out you are a cock sucker.

    Jayden is also GROSS and Corey could do so much better.

  11. her farts stink. a mix of 7-11 hotdogs, cum, and T.

  12. He is POZ, no question about it.
    Anyone who is such a prodigious cokehead (and Tina pipe aficionado) isn't gonna stay negative long, hunty!
    Trust me on this one!
    Seriously, if you look up the word "PNP" in the gay dictionary you see his picture!

  13. His old daddy bf definitely looks pox and sickly.

  14. This guy is a complete and total douchebag! His boyfriend and him have both come into my store. His boyfriend and him are BOTH so nouveau rich and you can tell they are complete trash with no class and sophistication.

  15. his butt hole tastes like a magic eraser. and i would rather suck on the eraser than his hole

  16. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    That is one nasty ass.


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