West Hollywood Term Limits Initiative Signatures Verified

Forty-two days after submitting nearly 3,500 signatures from West Hollywood residents to place a Term Limits Initiative on the West Hollywood ballot, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder has verified that the initiative has received more than the 2,344 signatures of West Hollywood registered voters required to place the measure on the ballot.

The West Hollywood City Council will Certify the signature count at its November 19, 2012, meeting and may either adopt the ordinance immediately or place the measure on the ballot for the next municipal election.

“West Hollywood voters understand that those seats on the City Council dias belong to the people, not to any one individual,” said initiative proponent Sheila Lightfoot. “Together, our friends and neighbors stood up for themselves and the opportunity for our City government to be a place where new ideas and new faces will be welcome.”

“From day one, this initiative has been a David-versus-Goliath effort,” said Campaign Manager Scott Schmidt. “While we celebrate our volunteers’ success in gathering enough signatures to place Term Limits on the ballot, there is plenty of hard work ahead to continue this conversation with the voters of West Hollywood and counter the attacks we know will be coming our way.”

Schmidt continued, “We brought forward this initiative because we love the City of West Hollywood; we want to give the people hope that our best minds have an opportunity to participate in City government without fear of intimidation and are confident in the voters of our City to leave no doubt in March.”

Soju B.