WeHo Sheriff Arrested for Murder & Suspended w/ PAY

Deputy Gamez

Lots & lots of shady reports have been coming in about the WeHo Sheriff's Department & we've had enough. While one deputy is being monitored for harassing gay black men, another wears a camera because he's "too violent" & today Deputy Francisco Gamez was arrested for an off-duty MURDER!! He's served the city of West Hollywood since 2005 & he was suspended with PAY!  We want him fired or relocated ASAP! Policing a charter city like WeHo is a privilege for LA County's Sheriffs, it's not their right.

Our Sheriff's Department is contracted through LA County. If Sheriff Lee Baca spent less time giving endorsement speeches & more time policing this city's Sheriff Department we might actually feel safe or at the very least his endorsement might mean something. Captain Fraser is a lesbian puppet & we're pretty sure it's time to light a fire under this B!tch! We as citizens need to start policing our Sheriff's Department.

Do you hear us Capt. Fraser......???

Your whole operation is a joke, because you're a joke & we're fu(king coming for you & your entire department!! No one is safe when you have absent individuals like this person allegedly running the show. We're hiring a private investigator to document what's really happening at the WeHo Sheriff's Department. The scandals being covered up are going to be documented, how often Capt. Frazer is at the office is going to be documented and if you hear anything else call us at 818-351-9346.

Thank you!



  1. "We're hiring a private investigator" biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze. a muthafuckin' pvt. investigator aint gonna git shit on the sheriff' dept. What are they gonna do ? "I'm a pvt. dick. show me all your files and records" You clowns need to stop with the empty threats. The Sheriff Head lez. is gone and I we all know , KNOW, you did nothing to influence that decision. "We're coming for you" the only person you need to say that to is a sponsor in the nearest , quickest 12 step meeting in Weho cuz you must be on a mountian of coke 3 miles high to seriously think people are scared of your hollow threats. You guys are just like t hat mom that pretended to be a boy so she could friend that girl that hung herself. so pathetic


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