WAC is Back with Crack

Yes that' right dumpling! 


Someone is begging for some of your attention. 



  1. Um the "King of body odor" and William are not the same person.

    If you're going to trash someone at least get your shit straight

    You guys are truly lame!!

  2. he smells either way ^ PS stopp busting your POZ loaded into innocent boys, you are crewl you August Cullucum ass hole

  3. and all hairy, tats, muscle guys ALL LOOK THE SAME ANYWAY... hard to tell any of these fuckin' bears apart

  4. That's a very UNattractive ass.

  5. To "5:17pm"

    Get your facts straight FAG! If you paid attention you would see that it says "WAC", standing for his initials...NOWHERE does it say the site is referring to someone else. So i guess YOU are ASSuming they are the same person.
    Therefor YOU are truly lame.

  6. duh.............................. nice meaty butt though and a really sweet guy. I like the way his pits smell.

  7. @ Fast Check...The admin of this site did say they were the same person then removed the comment when they realized they were wrong.

  8. To "6:48pm"
    I stand corrected as it had already been removed when I read the post.
    And it's "Fact Check" with a "C" not "S".
    Carry on.

  9. Still not appropriate. The link below proves the subject matter does not get any better when the pictures are enlarged or in more detail.


  10. his ass could totally be more toned.. his upper body is pretty hot though and a good face.. but yea that ass looks like cottage cheese!

  11. loose hole and flabby ass. i would still fuck him again though

  12. He´s a whore anyways


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