Truvada: The Gay Morning After Pill

Who or what is a TRUVADA?

Truvada is a drug that was approved by the FDA in July 2012 to be prescribed to people who are at a high risk of contracting HIV through sexual activity with people who are or may be HIV positive. The pill essentially blocks the action of a protein needed to cause an HIV infection if you begin taking it within a 72 hour period of the possible exposure.

Let's just say you (HIV-) went to the bar on Friday night & had a few too many when a hot big d!ck German top "helps" you back to his hotel room at the Ramada. One thing leads to another and before you know it neither of you are wearing any clothes... and 5 seconds later your knees are behind your head.

Obviously you consider resisting the aggressively hot buff blond German but.... before you know it he's rubbing his thick uncut foreskin across your hungry little butt hole.

Since you know it's wrong to have bareback sex with a stranger you insist he puts a rubber on it. He reluctantly digs around the room before finally returning with a regular condom for his magnum sized cock. He tries it with the condom on but after a few thrusts of penetration the condom snaps. You try to compensate by sucking that big uncut monster cock but your mouth barely fits around the tip. Before you know it he spits on your hole & you're getting slammed doggy style minus the condom - ten ways till Tuesday!!! He fu(ks you silly all night & twice in the morning before sending you on your marry little way with your eyeballs still rolled-back into your forehead.

You go home to shower & suddenly you worry about the life long consequences of your irresponsible barebacking activities.... What if you get HIV? You don't even remember this guys name... was it Klaus or Hanz? Did you ever ask his name?

And even though it's too late to wear a condom it's not too late for the "gay morning after pill"... unfortunately it's more like the "month after pill" because that's how long you have to take it. Once a day for 30 days with or without food & you will be nauseous. The worst part is you can't drink because if you try you'll feel sick immediately.

_ _ _ _

So if you live in the LA area & you need access to Truvada you can call the Gay & Lesbian Center at 323.860.5855 for an appointment to get on the pill. Leave a message and someone will call you back within the hour. Again there is only a 72 hour window after exposure to get on the pill in your effort to prevent HIV contraction.

A doctor/nurse team at the Gay & Lesbian Center should ask questions, swab various orifices, draw blood & make sure you're negative before prescribing you the pill. If you don't have health insurance the Gay & Lesbian Center will also hook you up with TRUVADA for frizzzzle provided you make it to your follow-up appointment one month later, boo.


Please don't ask us how we know!!


  1. Good for you, WeHo Conf. It's a good thing to let your readers know this.

  2. Yes fo show caus ei have never used a condim before an di have had sex with more then 1/2 this town and montana drank my untested Urine!

  3. Thanks Soju.... I had no idea!

  4. ohhh gurl its going to be a weho reunion at those clinics with all them gurls bb everyone

  5. Fuck. I'll be nauseated for a month if i can get it from a fat uncut German dick damnnnnn

  6. i got hiv from adam russo, i wish i knew this earlier

  7. Hey Montana, Im going to run an dbuy some Today since we BAREBACKED last week!!! I know your "boyfriend" dosnet know!!! Haha!!! We bare backed you old whore!

  8. I've been taking this and other HIV meds for over ten years and never felt sick and I drink wine weekly no problem. HIV viruse mutates and becomes resistant to meds very easily so playing around willy nilly with them like this sounds like a bad idea. Find a sincere Doctor to talk about it with who isn't in the pharmaceutical reps pocket.

  9. HIV is not a "gay disease" even though many conservative straight assholes like to pretend it is and saying things like "the gay morning after pill" just continues to spread and cement that ignorance. I expect better from individuals who are part of the LGBTQ community.

  10. @11:18am- No one said HIV was a gay disease but it's certainly a predominent issue affecting the gay community here in West Hollywood. You know what spreads ignorance? People like you who are more concerned with "stigmas" then protecting the health of our friends & readers. Obviously having HIV/AIDS sucks & you're dwelling on the stigma while we attempt to keep out friends & readers in good health with a concises message that they can comprehend. Go fuck yourself !!

  11. It's great that you're spreading the word about this pill and where to get it but we have to be cautious about labeling this as a "morning after pill". Although FDA approved for this purpose, this is still not a 100% effective, in fact studies that measured its effectiveness are gathered from medical workers that had needle stick accidents from HIV+ patients, not from direct sexual contact (which you've eloquently described above ).

    That said, this drug should be treated as an emergency treatment rather than an afterthought post bb.

  12. Thanks for the concises message!

  13. can CORYLEE just take this daily for a year?

  14. The overwhelming majority of negative guys who take Truvada experience no meaningful side effects AT ALL... and you can drink as much alcohol as you like.

    That said, Truvada ALONE isn't usually considered adequate for PEP. You'd usually be given a second prescription for either maraviroc (Selzentry) or raltegravir (Isentress). Both are pretty tame. In fact, an upcoming new combination of maraviroc + tenofovir (one of the two drugs in Truvada) is likely to replace Truvada as the PrEP drug of choice 3-5 years from now. The drug trials for it are already in progress, everyone expects easy approval, and the main holdup at this point is the countdown to the 2016 expiration of Gilead's tenofovir patent.

    Atripla USED to be the PEP drug of choice... and is still semi-forced by some health insurance plans (think: $25-50 copyament for one "preferred brand-name" drug, vs 50% copayment on $2,000 worth of drugs in the highest "specialty drug" tier). Most of the side effects the article's author described are actually due to the efavirenz in Atripla, which is why other drugs are now preferred if you can afford them.

  15. If you think that you can continue popping pills you and have unsafe sex indefinitely--you are mistaken. These pills are there in case of most extreme circumstances. However,biologically, virri can change and adapt. There will come a time when you will create a climate in your body and a strain of HIV that will be PreP resistant in time. If you wish to remain HIV-; you must always be vigilant. If your lifestyle is one which you are making careless mistakes over and over; you need to look at what you are doing. If your sex life is this fucked up--there is a good chance the rest of your life isn't doing well either. (If you are rally honest with yourself.) Virri are complicated organisms and can adapt and survive, Many virri have been around longer than humanity and will remain when we have gone. Trust me.


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