Top 10 Gay Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Cities:, the world’s largest sugar dating website, is releasing its Top 10 Gay Sugar Daddy Cities and Top 10 Gay Sugar Baby Cities. Since first launching in 2006 with over 23,000 registered gay members, the website’s gay community has grown ten-fold to over 256,000 members., the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website, reveals its list of the Top 10 Gay Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Cities. Of the website’s 1.7 million total members, there are currently over 256,000 gay members. The membership has grown from about 23,000 members since initially launching in 2006.

Brandon Wade, MIT graduate and CEO and Founder of, conducted the survey to better understand this exponential increase in gay memberships. “We have found that there are now approximately 8 Sugar Baby males for every gay Sugar Daddy on our  website,” says Wade. “This growing trend indicates that men love to be spoiled just as much as women, and that generosity is a universally accepted value no matter the type of relationship.”

According to the, the average gay Sugar Baby is  23 years old and earns approximately $4066.58 in monthly allowances,  not including gifts and presents. The average gay Sugar Daddy is 39 years old, has an annual income of approximately $215,482.39, and has  a net worth of over $6 million.

For this survey, the website ranked the following cities strictly based on the number of gay Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies per 1,000 adult men:

Top 10 Gay Sugar Daddy Cities (Per 1,000 Adult Men)

1.      New York, NY – 4.8

2.      Chicago, IL – 1.53

3.      Los Angeles, CA – 1.46

4.      Houston, TX- 1.00

5.      Beverly Hills, CA – 0.97

6.      Atlanta, GA – 0.96

7.      Dallas, TX – 0.78

8.      Toronto Canada – 0.78

9.      Las Vegas, NV – 0.70

10.  San Francisco, CA – 0.70

Top 10 Gay Sugar Baby Cities (Per 1,000 Adult Men)

1.      New York, NY – 3.83

2.      Los Angeles, CA – 1.68

3.      Chicago, IL – 1.35

4.      Brooklyn, NY – 0.98

5.      Atlanta, GA – 0.86

6.      San Francisco, CA – 0.80

7.      Houston, TX – 0.79

8.      Toronto, Canada – 0.78

9.      London, England – 0.77

10.    San Diego, CA – 0.58

“As a mecca of diverse cultures, it makes sense that New York would be  the top city to find gay Sugar Daddies and gay Sugar Babies.” says  Wade. “These results, as well as the substantial growth on our website, clearly show that the ‘Sugar’ lifestyle is becoming a more common alternative compared to a traditional relationship.”

Earlier this year, the website released a survey that listed the “Top 20 Sugar Daddy Cities” overall, with San Francisco leading the list with 3.51 Sugar Daddies per 1,000 adult men. is the premier sugar daddy dating website, and has been featured on such outlets as the New York Times, GQ, Forbes, CNN Headline News, Good Morning America, and ABC 20/20. was founded by Brandon Wade, who was anointed  “Mr. Sugar Daddy” by the Wall Street Journal. 

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