Meet Ellen Lavinthal: The Bev Hills Face Behind the WeHo Fur Ban

It fascinates us how Ms. Ellen Lavinthal doesn't live in the city of West Hollywood but some how managed to become the catalyst for WeHo's imminent fur ban.

So what bone will this desperate housewife minus the camera crew, decide to pick next? We'd like to see her ban canoes & igloos next... because that's just about how relevant the fur industry is to WeHo these days.

The principle of the matter is that banning stupid sh!t to please the PETA extremist is so not cool. If you want more idiots like this one coming into WeHo & fu(king it up... don't vote in the March 2013 election.



  1. Dump Prang and Duran in 2013

  2. Not to be superficial but damn that's some bad plastic surgery. Spend more time in the chair hunty and less time worrying about trying to take away rights from a group that already doesn't have full rights.

  3. Perhaps her next cause should be a ban on the back alley plastic surgeon who pumped her face full of fix-a-flat. Fucking hell, man.

  4. I knew Ellen before the work. She was having injection parties with absent King and Nicole Richies mom. Banning industrial grade silicone injection parties would be a more appropriate cause.

  5. What a disgusting face for a senseless, meddlesome cause.

  6. Its not any stranger than the right wing Republicans from Orange County who paid to get the term limit ban on the ballot. Funny Weho Confidential had no problem with those outsiders and never bothered to mention them after they were exposed on other Weho news blogs. Is Weho confidential still pushing for term limits?

  7. I worked on the Term Limits campaign with local democrats like:

    Mito Aviles
    Steve Martin
    Alegra Allison
    Elise Eisenberg
    Lauren Meister
    Lucas John
    And the list goes on...

    Local people & local businesses like us funded the campaign & we'll continue to do so. The insinuation that this bi partisan issues is somehow funded by republican is 100% bullshit. Of course we support term limits & you can cry later when the initiative is passed by democrats & republican alike.


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