Sayonara: Tim Meepegama is leaving Eleven Nightclub

Sources say that Tim Meepegama has finally gotten tired of waiting for his August pay check & is quitting Eleven after this Sunday to begin a desk job at SBE under Boe Trumbull. We have to admit that we're going to miss seeing his loose tranny pu$$y slugging itself down Santa Monica Blvd.

In other news the owner has tapped Bobby Trendy to replace Meepegama as manager of Eleven. Just kidding... yeah right you must be blitzed out of your skull and a bottle of economy size Povpov if you think Her Highness Miss Trendy would step out of her late-model Aston Martin or Jaguar and lift ONE freshly manicured finger in that rat infested human hemorrhoid hole! Setting the pipe down!



  1. Good luck Tim! It would be nice to see him have his rent paid on time instead of waiting 3 months! I used to work there as well and it was like pulling Teeth to get paid! It would be a dream if Bobby Trendy was our boss at least it would be fun and luxurious!

  2. Bye Bye Tim and your brown penis!

  3. How dark was Tim's cock any ways?

  4. see ya Tim. One of the most inept managers ever, hired by the most inept bar owner of all time.

  5. He is a fucking asshole. I worked one day at Eleven, and then quit, because he was such a fucking dick.

  6. Niggers, jewz, white join me on this holy nite!November 29, 2012 at 11:19 PM

    Im high on crystal who is Tim? Who is me? My anus needs one wart can some one help me in the name of Bethesda?
    Happpy Hannukah everyone and may I have 8 days of cock socking fucking pisssing shitting and loving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. whos got some good shit on Revolver??


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