Sayonara: Mr. Black - Memorial Dec. 4th

This just in....

Rev. Lucas John has officially been tapped by Luke Nero herself to proceed over the memorial service celebrating the life & death of our beloved Mr. Black on Tuesday Dec., 4th 2012 at Bardot. There will be an open bar from 9:30-10:30 & funeral attire is not an option.

"There comes a moment when it's time to move on. It’s with great sadness we announce that after 3 glittering years and 3 short months we feel its time to gracefully bow out and say goodbye to Mr. Black Los Angeles. Bardot and Avalon are very sad to see us go, but we feel that it’s best to end on a high note and focus on new exciting projects. So with that, we are officially ending a nightclub legacy that started many moons ago in New York City, 2006. The occasion will be marked with a Mr. Black LA memorial service on Tuesday, December 4th at Bardot."
~ Luke & Andres



  1. Not the end of Rice & Beans night!

  2. I like luke and his club butt he smells like a roting dead corpse from the early 80's that succomed to AIDS that was left on the hospitol gurnry for 6 days in an un airconditioned room!

  3. Melissa Brown is job huntin

  4. Luke Nero's butt hole tastes like fig newtons

  5. Maybe you should be job huntin too instead of hating on Melissa Brown u smelly cunt!!


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