Rihanna Crowned Queen of WeHo's Halloween ? ? ?

Following being crowned Queen of The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival 2012 by the City Council Rihanna thanks White Party Producer Jeffrey Sanker for arranging the honor only to be surprised by her mother Monica Braithwaite who flew into town for the 500,000 strong city-wide celebration. Hopefully Jeffrey can talk RiRi into performing at White Party 2013!!

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  1. Too bad she didn't even attend the carnaval. The "crowning" was unannounced by the city until after the fact and took place at Greystone Manor, where she was hosting her own party and which is not even in the city of West Hollywood. But I'm sure it's neat for the city councilmembers that they got to meet her!

  2. LOL^^ its totally all the gay men being like
    "OMG if we tell rihanna that she is the queen of weho carnival, then we totes will get to meet her and stuff"
    i mean good for them but LOL

  3. The queen of domestic abuse?

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