RENTBOY.COM Shut Down by Hurricane Sandy


How will the gay sex workers in the USA & internationally pay their rents    ? ? ?

Attention Daddies & Rent Boys

Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy's servers are without any power and network connectivity. Flooding in the basement of their datacenter has caused this outage to be greater than anything that was ever anticipated.  At the moment power was lost, their generators engaged and provided backup power for an additional few hours. Due to the extensive flooding and salt water damage the backup generators quickly failed following a power failure from their grid. The power systems suffered saltwater damage in addition to the flooding.  

Additionally because their offices are located in a blackout zone they are currently without phone service to answer your calls.   Current estimates predict that we will have service restored to their offices on Monday November 5th, 2012.  Estimates for the online services are not currently known however we will update this page when more information becomes available.
The superstorm Sandy has been a terrible catastrophe for everyone in the Northeast.  Our hearts go out to all those that have endured loss of loved ones and their homes. 

xoxo Neo



  1. Somehow I think the world will keep on turning.

  2. Just go to, they're still up.

  3. I'd rather use as they're always UP and READY - find a masseur or escort :)


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