Andrew Christian
November 25, 2012

Nothing Beats Ice Cold Sun Kissed Piss

There really are a lot of perverts here in LA ...

We've seen all shades of perversion here but we're not sure why people get so turned off by urine. Personally we love the stuff. Have you ever drank cold urine? It's like two-buck Chuck, of course it's gross when you drink it warm silly!!! Pop that piss in the fridge for a few hours, cut up some fresh lemon and bam. Drink that piss with your mom's peanut butter and jelly sandwich why doncha.

Oh that's gross you say... well we'll tell you what's gross!!! The fact that you're still reading this crap. And who are you to say that drinking slightly chilled urine is gross?

You want to know what's gross? Dogs are fu(king gross. First of all dogs don't even wipe their a$$ ... And when they do they drag that mother fu(ker across the whole lawn ... No picnics for us today. Oh and on top of that you have to pick that sh!t up??? We don't like anyone to talk to us after the dog takes a sh!t until we find a trash can to throw that sh!t away. In the old days your dog had a yard to sh!t in. These days people are carrying bags of poop around weho and stopping to give each other a hug.. No one cares that you're holding a bag of steaming hot dog sh!t while you give them that hug... Oh but drinking fu(king urine is gross ... Hypocrites make us sick. Happy Monday!!



  1. Momtana Volby drank my urine!

  2. Stop trying to make drinking piss happen! It's NOT going to happen!


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