Mugshot of the Week: "Dallas: A-Lister" Caught Stealing at Barney's

Chase Hutchinson, A-List

What a dapper mugshot!!

Chase Hutchinson was stopped by police after allegedly leaving a Barney's department store with 2 $500 scarves... minus the receipt! Hutchinson faces a year in jail & a $4,000 fine for his Texas based crime. On the bright side at least we know his name now. 

Seriously the A-List could've been a decent series for LOGO is they didn't cast it with broke Z-Listers.



  1. You can even see one of his pointed goblin ears in that pic, i remember watching the show and being mesmerized by them. And I cannot believe that for most of that show I saw him as the sane one!! Clearly he is just a sick klepto :(

  2. It's DECENT. Not descent!

  3. Chase is a cute guy, seems intelligent and hard working. Maybe it is just a mistake, or maybe he did do it, either way I wish him the best of luck. We all do stupid things lets give the guy a break.

  4. Is this the guy with the grandma bouffant hair do? Why don't they have cameras following them when this shit happens? Next he'll leak photos of himself taking the cowboys cock bareback to stay relevant...Gurl your grand mammie wouldn't lend you her vintage scarves to wrap your do or what? Lol

  5. The only "list" this ugly piece of shit is on is the drug addict and klepto lists.
    Seriously, did you see his "apartment" on the show?
    He has NOTHING and absolutely DID steal the scarves...and this isn't the first time he's stolen at high end stores, hunty!
    It's just the first time he got caught.
    He pops so much Xanax, Percocet, and Lortab it's a wonder he was able to pull it off as long as he did.
    Major, major pill head.


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