Andrew Christian
November 19, 2012

Local Queens Perform With XTINA at the AMAs

What the effff is this b!tch wearing. We're totally cool with the whole "I'm latina I have curves" campaign Xtina is spinning these days but come on lady... This was a half a$$ performance.

Xtina & Mike Munich

We're glad to see local performer Mike Munich was able to extend his 15 minutes.... Glad to see Allusia also made her way into the performance as a "freak"... how fitting!!

Xtina & Allusia



  1. you all are idiots. stop posting about music when you obviously get half the info wrong all the time, or your opinions are so distorted on the music that you ruin a perfectly good post.

    xtina was amazing, she is trying something new. (this is coming from a non-xtina fan)

  2. Allusia looks so cute. She really represented all of us!!!!

  3. @ 3:19 - are you fucking serious. this was a disaster.

  4. Mike, I've been dreaming about you for a long time. Lets fuck

  5. Trying something new?
    No, this fat slob is desperately throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks. Hag-ulera hasn't been relevant for over a decade...singers with actual, successful singing careers don't have the time nor the inclination to be judges on some second rate talent show.
    And Allusia was anything but cute...once again, a fat, ugly, drug addicted piece of shit representing the gay community and giving us all a bad name.

  6. @11:59pm
    I hope he wears 3 condims if you do do know he's POZ and has been for 4 years???

  7. I would love to have sex with Mike but im scared now that people are posting h eis Poz and I heard he has been wearing a cock ring

  8. Werk Allusia! She looks fuckin great

  9. I wonder how mike did in school. Did he really graduate from NYU?

  10. I am so fucking embarrassed that we have ALLUSIA representing the "queens" of West Hollywood. How fucking embarrassing. First off, she didn't do her own makeup, that's for sure. Her makeup is always a sloppy ass mess, the makeup artist that did the dancers makeup did that for her, FACT. Second, how the hell did she scurry her way into this performance? Allusia for 1 does not deserve to be in this performance and 2 does not deserve any hosting jobs at any clubs. Looking like a clown on TV. SMH.

  11. Laganja Estranja was in the beginning and was the only male lotus flower with red hair!

  12. I heard no one got paid...


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