How Does This Person Pay Their Rent ? ? ?



  1. So many hot bodies and averages faces in this town...why?

  2. He lives in NYC and bartends. How the fuck is this related to WeHo?

    -Josh G

  3. his name is Peter Picciano and he has been on tv, models, and bartends in NYC. He is ALWAYS working. And when he is not working, he is in the gym...not writing blogs trying to start rumors he does something else. The guy is not like that at all....

  4. I don't know but I'd pay it for him

  5. and his face is fucking hot... i wanna sit on it

  6. have we run out of weho queens to make fun of? i didnt know this was nyc confidential. i guess this site is dead

  7. she couched surfed through weho this summer... pays no rent ever hunty.

  8. I remember this one. He asnwered my couch surfing ad on CL. Guest how he paid me? He gave me anal warts, did all my cocaine and poppers. It wiered though his buthole is a dark shade of purple, lile Manny Patels tongue. He also has hepatitis his eyes were urine dark yellow. Im glad he is back in NYC. Come over if you want anal warts cause I havem!!

  9. Just another loser escort with anal warts, HIV, and a raging drug addiction as has already been documented by the previous poster.
    So what if he's originally from NYC?
    The bottom line is, he was here this past summer spreading disease and misery.
    Stay far, far away from this one!

  10. just saw him in nyc last week...
    stuck in his rut....
    shame...truly...that when God gives you a body (and probablly no brain)
    the same thing happens over and over.....
    a remoreless reality !
    keep paying---they keep falling


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