Local Gay Super Heroes ? ? ? (Kickstarter)

A superhero film that stars four hot guys who work in local WeHo bars? Really?

Tyler Booth, Hunter Smit, Lars Slind & Grant Landry want your money honey. The boys are making a film with a bunch of gay characters in it, including a pair out out gay sidekicks and a couple of mach superheroes who are wrestling with their feelings for each other. They're even running a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise funds for post, and the video features all four of them running around in their sexual superhero costumes.

Nothing like pretty young gay men prostituting themselves for the arts!!

To help them click here.



  1. Ummmmmmm.... thats not Hunter Smit

  2. Tired. get a job. niggers.

  3. one of them is hot... barley

  4. Tyler is hot. has a smooth hole and great cock ! loved his x rated lap dances.

  5. Hunter Pitt, im sorry Smit who wants to be the next Brad Pitt, should stay away from work like this that's shit. i thought he was a serious actor. then again i thought grant landry was too once upon a time. Hunter get on your skateboard, skate back to the straight world, cut down on the beer, moisturize your face and i guarantee with a little help from a sugar daddy you will find real success.

  6. Um... I'm like "Grant Landry?" When I first read this


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