Does Anyone have a Key?

Apparently men who use cocaine once a month run a higher risk of suffering a heart attack.

We know you would never do cocaine but we thought we would mention it.

Food for thought & sh!t.

Oh and if you're buying your blow from the bathroom attendant (at not 12) you don't have to worry... 
it's fake anyways!!



  1. Who is the best dealer in town? Who sells the best shit? I'm not talking about the methy kind either.

  2. World population was 6,973,738,433 in 2011 so maybe they should legalise it to thin the herd.

  3. Well the amount that Gary Entin snorts, he ain't long for this world!

    We hope.

  4. ive hung out with the Entins dozens of times, never seen either 1 do coke.

    not that there's anything wrong with it...

  5. Gary Entin snorts more coke than Linday Blowhan, nd everyone knows it.

  6. so twice a week is serious then? But if you don't eat McDonald's does that cancel it out?

  7. i took some of my friends shit and got it tested . its mostly meth a little ghb and a very tiny amount of coke

  8. ^^^^Then you're stupid and need to find a better dealer.
    I personally think coke is a waste of money, though it's fun to freebase like Richard Pryor every once in awhile (unlike him I'm not a nigger and thus don't have highly flammable Afro-Sheen in my hair).
    Tina is MUCH better, I'm smoking some right now hunty!


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