Detox Icunt & Roxy Andrews Confirmed Contestants on RDR Season 5

Logo & RuPaul are releasing the boy photos for contestants... & then when they are retweeted on twitter 500 times they release the drag photo. Then they move on to the next queen... we believe Detox is the 3 or 4th to be released.

We announced that Detox would be on season 5 before the summer started... & now we have the proof.



  1. this is the who's who of who cares

  2. No one cares about Rupaul's show I thought she died of emphaysema. Lord knows he smoke crystal like a chimeny!

  3. This is Rupaul's last season. Melissa Brown is taking over on season 6

  4. Meliisa Brown will be taking OVER janitorial duties.
    Detox was kicked off the first episode any ways.
    Shangela is the only star on this show
    Shangela has a history of crdeits now
    Morgan Mc mcmichaels can post on face book all day no one even remebers she even auditioned on the show
    Shangela is the only star on the show to be on mainstream tv
    So buh buh you tired drag queens


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