Cher & Kathy Griffin Take on Romney, Ryan & Murdock

Who knew Cher's "day face" was so serious!?

This is Cher Bitches do what she says.

 xoxo GG


  1. Log Cabin RepublicanNovember 3, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    Everyone NEEDS to vote Romney! I am so confused how a site that usually is pro-racism and class elitism is actually endorsing Obama. WeHo Confidential is a voice for so many people in West Hollywood. DO NOT VOTE OBAMA. HAVING A BLACK PRESIDENT IS FUCKING DISGUSTING. ALL NIGGERS SHOULD BE LYNCHED AND MURDERED!!!!! FUCK NIGGERS! FUCK NIGGERS!!!! KILL ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America is being destroyed by us ALLOWING MINORITIES to infiltrate out country. WAKE UP!

  2. I love her, but... Cher claiming that *Paul Ryan* "looks like Dracula" is hilarious!

  3. no its not - he looks like Eddie Munster... well docummented.

  4. Paul Ryan does look like Dracula, but Cher tossing that zinger around is a big fat stone in a glass house. I mean LOOK at her! All that surgery and that weird fake hair.. it's like she's *trying* to look like Dracula! Just a bad choice of words on her part.

  5. @12:57 please.. for everyones safety... lay off of the drugs.


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