Andrew Christian
November 29, 2012

Carver Twins added to Cast of MTV's 'Teen Wolf' Season 3

Congratulations Carver boys.....

It looks like all those folks who voted for the Maxon twins are going to be a little disappointed!! We wonder how long it will take for Charlie Caver to come out of the closet if ever? 



  1. Well it's nice to see Jeff made a decision based on TALENT/experience, and not just who is deemed most fuckable...

  2. I'm guessing either you're their publicist or you've never seen them act.

  3. I have, they're both great actors!

  4. they're great, they book, none of your business

  5. I don't think he's in the closet?? I met him recently, really nice and he had no problem introducing me to his (smoking hot) boyfriend. Find another secure gay actor to troll on Weho Conf.

  6. Yeah he goes to my gym, spends more time cruising the sauna and showers then he does working out! Not judging, just wonder if his boyfriend's cool with that?

  7. HAHAHA! seen him there TOO! Every day doing weird stretches in the sauna and hanging out in the locker room on his phone, probably on grindr. JEEEZUS, Just go to a bathhouse already!

  8. What gym does he go to?


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