Britney's New Video "Scream & Shout"

We want her to fu(k us with her strap on & call us Suzy!!



  1. Can we all talk about Manny Patells yellow urine stained teeth from years of drinking urine along the river that his family bathes in in Surcruit ,India? I belive most of the urine he drank was from the wild boar in the fields where his mother harvests corn and wheat. I belive his father was a lock smith and makes dilies out of lace for the wealthy white women t o buy when they visit his village.

  2. If it was Britney's song I would love it...but it's's track....I can't like it...he's lame and unoriginal. Stick to BEP at least you guys have Fergie because without her you guys would be back in obscurity. Oh and quit DJing you suck.


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