Andrew Christian
November 26, 2012

And The Winner is Chad Michaels

The winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race is West Hollywood's very own Chad (mothafuckin) Michaels!!

We think "condragulations" are in order!!!!

*** 3 Snaps ***

For representing the community with dignity, poise & grace!!

That is all!

Neo & Imlay


  1. Cannot wait for detox! This show blows! Cannot wait for the new logo shows to come on. enough with the drags

  2. WEHO Confidential...
    Remember when you "leaked" this??

    More proof that guys have no "IN" sources.
    Bunch of losers who couldn't make it in the real world and decided the only way they could have a voice is via the internet. Yes Lucas & AJ.

  3. Raven wins All Stars!!! Did you even read the link you posted @12:04

  4. what's on her lips?

  5. If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

  6. it's not wehoconfidential's fault that morgan's a lying attention whore...

  7. Who is Morgan? So raven didn't win....just to be safe we should all stay off the streets for the next few days in case Raven decides to tie one on and get behind the wheel of a car again. #patheticdragqueen.

  8. Morgan acts like she is a part of this show. Was she ever even on it? Just another mothy dragqueen who Thinks He is above! She just above not paying her rent nite on time in Riverside. I herd her cell phone got turned OFF on Halloween and she told people "i didnt hear the phone ring"
    No girl but you herd th eLand lord rapping on yur door this past month about Octobers rent

  9. Morgan's phone didn't get turned off sweetie. she smashed her old iPhone G3 drunk at Rage, and her friend Kylie Sonique Love kept us posted on facebook about Morgan's situation

  10. @11:55 that was a really tired read. #ebarrassing4u

  11. We're still waiting for you to admit you posted false information before, Neo and Imlay


  12. no one cares about this show or drag queesn

  13. Morgan is being reeeelly quiet...I guess she is just being smart as keeping her thoughts to herself and not burning her bridges...she doesn't want to be on Raven's or Chad's wrong side lol

  14. Morgan's done so much cocaine it's burned a hole in her septum.
    No wonder she's running her mouth and telling lies...bitch is such a cokewhore she doesn't know what reality is anymore.


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