A Message from Adam Topher & his Bro:

My brother, Brandon Michael Hunt and I have very little in common. Other than bitching about our INSANE mother there are few things for us to agree on. Both he and I can both agree however, that this has gotten quite out of control. We are letting ourselves get distracted by party politics and petty pride. Please take a moment to read what he had to say. I think it will do all of us a lot of good to remember these words as we're ALL trying to better the country we believe in. Brandon and I have very different political ideologies, however, We can both agree that the best thing we can do right now is present the best possible solutions to the problems we face as a nation, Rather than kid ourselves into thinking that berating the other side would make any sort of positive impact. Bipartisanship, while flawed, exists for a reason. Thank you for reading his awesome words, and mine, and we both hope you will benefit from them.

"Upon cracking open my computer this morning and logging on here, I think it is safe to say, we are as divisive as I've ever seen this Nation. I also want to say I am ashamed of many of the statements I've read on here, and thus, astonished at what so many of my friends feel it is permissible to say...on BOTH sides. I just want you all to think about this, irrespective of how you voted (if at all):

The people you are referring to are your neighbors, co-workers, friends, Countrymen, and Family. If your candidate lost, remember, this is politics. Winner take all. You win some, you lose some. Regroup. Competition breeds success, and next time ensure the best candidate available represents you in the election. They don't just hand out ribbons for "Participation" in politics.

If your candidate won, don't gloat. I'll remind you that it is just as important to remain gracious in victory, as it is in defeat...if not more so. Congratulations, but be assured - The President has a difficult road ahead of him, and just because he is an incumbent, doesn't automatically ensure he will accomplish everything he wants to, or "promised" during an election year. Also remember, it is the opposing party's job to try to stem the tide, represent those that voted for them, strive to better this Country, and to be a part of our Nation's "Checks & Balances". That's how our system works.

Now, if someone did not vote the way you did, it is NOT tolerable to refer to them as: Racist, Idiotic, Backward, Foolish, Lost, or Stupid. I expect more from ALL of you than that. You should expect more from yourselves. It is "okay" to not agree with the results, the way others have voted, or their beliefs. However, spewing hatred (either from your lips, or written) because of dissension of opinion, is pure evil, and will destroy this Nation. People want different things. If you feel you may be able to introduce them to a new way of viewing your stance, don't raise your voice, reinforce your argument.

It is also exceptionally important to remember, NONE of you actually voted for anyone. Unless some of you are Electoral College Delegates, (and I'm not aware that any of you are) yet again...someone else voted for you. Our Founding Fathers didn't feel as if we were actually smart enough to handle the duties inherent in voting for The President of The United States of America. As of this morning, based on what many of you have said...I tend to agree with them.

If you take nothing else from my thoughts, please remember this:

As long as we continue to allow our elected officials to successfully pit ourselves against each other, they will be able to distract us all from the truth: THEY work for US...NOT the other way around. "We The People", tell THEM how to govern, spend our money, levy taxes, and introduce laws. Until we recognize this, may God help us all, because we are truly a lost Nation."



  1. I am not reading all that shit. Who cares about politics or other Americans I come here for juicy gossip about those people infecting our community with aids and anal warts. Politics are sooo stupid.

  2. I was going to give ^this guy^ some shit for his apathetic stance on politics and "important" issues, but then I thought about it for a second...this website is a complete joke and it really isn't a place for anything of substance.

  3. Who cares what these ugly assholes think.
    99% of the Weho gay community cares only about where the best after party is, and who is selling the best Tina.
    And as poster #1 so astutely said, the best gossip and who has AIDS and/or anal warts.


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