12 Bucks a Fart: No Joke

This was in our personal E-mail account today. Since the 10 minute video is only shared with us we had to do a ghetto recording just for you to believe us.
hey whats up bro,

you don't know me, and this is completely random i found you off modelmayhem.

this is kind of weird but i wanted to know if there is any way i can pay you
possibly rip farts in my face? this is 100% real. i got a fart fetish.
and i'll even pay you to do this. This isn't anything gay, or naked or
sexual. You can be
completely clothed. And this can be safe and discreet.

i know this is strange but i really do have this fetish.  i would pay
you for like an hour of your time, just to meet up, and rip some farts
on me.  thats it. i can easily get a hotel near you, and pay you
upfront. how about 300? or how much would you want to make this happen?

i'm not a creep or weirdo or anything, im a 28yo, white male. and a real
chill, and down to earth nice guy. it's just really hard to find
someone willing to help me with my fetish. i know you don't know me,
but i can assure you im real, and all i want to do is find someone who
can chill with me for like an hour and rip some ass on me.

ive had this fetish for most my life. i dont do anything sexual with
guys at all, i just like getting farted on. also this isnt anything
sexual or naked.  plus, even if you dont fart, i know a few methods
that can make you fart a lot. this is completely safe and discreet.

last year i was on vacation in san diego and i met up with a guy off
of craigslist and i paid him to rip ass on me.  he wanted to film it
and put it up on youtube.  i want you to check it out so you can see
it for yourself,

let me know what you think bro, as you can see im for real

please let me know if we can possible work something out. if not, its
cool no problem, it was a shot in the dark.

peace bro.


  1. this is fuckin amazing.

  2. or just set up a booth like a lemonade stand

  3. does anyone got the full video


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