Willam Belli Takes on the Make-Under

Watch as fabulous drag queen Willam Belli gives punk girl Heather a major make-UNDER, while still staying true to Heather's rock-and-roll roots! Guest starring Johnny Make-up!

Loving it!



  1. That William thing looks like hell! He isn't aging well! He could use some acting skills too.

  2. I agree she ain't pretty or funny!

  3. Jesus H Christ, that Willam thing's 15 minutes were up last spring after the big non event about what the dumb whore supposedly did to get kicked off RPDR.
    Now it seems this site is required to report on her every move...why, we don't know (or care).
    When she OD's like Zahara did or gets arrested for a DUI like Raven or for drugs like Latrice THEN by all means give us the dirt...otherwise, enough is enough!

  4. I think he is sick.

  5. THAT VOICE. Johnny Makeup is not made for talking. Annoying as shit.

  6. William is not funny and looks terrible as a drag queen unless he is going for that ugly look.


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