Andrew Christian
October 3, 2012

Who Won the 1st Presidential Debate of 2012? #debate




  1. check out twink kenny from New Orleans FB... looks like Singer is taking him to black n blue... get on it and off this bullsheet

  2. Who cares! I am POZ thanks to shane bricker aka tory mason

  3. Obama got taken to the cleaners tonight. I am changing my vote to Romney.

  4. Obama is a HORSES ASS!!!!! Vote Romney if any of you GAYLORDS care to maintain any sort of freedom and relevancy!

  5. It's only the first debate I think the last debate will be the important one and Romney is such a flip flopper

  6. It's all good in the hoodOctober 3, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    I'll take the our first gay president in Obama.. Everyone in Chicago knows his past.. I heart black dong

  7. If you think Obama won tonight, you're delusional or didn't watch. Romney won.

    But I'll never vote for someone who actively wants to take away my rights.

  8. you morons! romney says government will control your healthcare... what he really means is: government will provide you healthcare regardless of your pre-existing conditions and whatnot... romney says he will give you options of which healthcare to choose, what he doesnt mention is, those with pre-existing conditions won't be able to afford the "preffered" network they are given... obama will provide healthcare to all at an affordable cost... romeny will provide healthcare to all at an EXPENSIVE UNAFFORDABLE cost... chooose now, morons, think about those people who are sick and can't afford to pay an arm and a leg for health insurance...

  9. Actually Romney did a pretty good job with healthcare in MA. He actually implemented a far better version of "Obamacare" one that accomplished the same things, but didn't raise taxes and piss of the entire medical infrastructure. This idea he is going to implement some draconian health care system runs counter to his record. The real debate is between states' rights vs. an over bearing and far-reaching federal government.

    To parrot what another poster has stated:

    If you think Obama won tonight, you're delusional or didn't watch. Romney won.

  10. This poll says Obama won? Wishful thinking, silly fags

  11. romney supposedly did something in one state (MA) and you are using that as if he talked about about all states as MA? you are delusional...


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