WeHo's Rainbow Crosswalks Return with a Sparkle

The Rainbow Crosswalks are back in WeHo for good & this time you'll notice an extra sparkle in the new paint. We seriously hope this is only the city's 1st coat of paint! The sparkles are a nice touch though.



  1. thank god my tax dollars go somewhere i can appreciate them aside from the city councils, parking depts and other overpaid city officials pockets.

  2. sprinkled with crystal dust to truly represent us?

  3. this is supposedly a more permanent solution. yet it is already stained black with the work trucks that painted the sidewalk

  4. It looks like shit. It's a fucking joke and a waste of money. The previous brick pattern looked much better than this. It's supposed to show pride? It's nothing to be proud of, it's an embarrassment. You spent your time lobbying for something that's costing the city $70,000 and is an eyesore. Time and money wasted!

  5. Really? So sad. THIS is how you do a rainbow! http://la.curbed.com/index.php?page=2

  6. What happened to this look?: http://www.wehoconfidential.com/2012/06/weho-city-council-votes-in-favor-of.html
    Still stupid but so much better than the shitsmear they actually painted.


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