WeHo Confidential's 2012 Voter's Guide

Don't vote 2nd best baby!

WeHo Cheer just wants you to vote on Nov. 6th, 2012...

With that being said here's our voter's guide:

President Barack Obama 
Senator Dianne Feinstein
US Congress - Adam Schiff, Henry Waxman, Howard Berman 
State Assembly - Richard Bloom 
LA County DA - Jackie Lacey 
Prop 30 - YES Save Beverly Hills Courthouse and Schools! 
Prop 32 - NO Save Political Left 
Prop 34 - YES Repeal Death Penalty 
Prop 35 - NO inadvertently hits gay men on registry 
Prop 36 - YES Reform 3 Strikes Allen Law
Prop 37 - YES Labeling genetically modified foods 
Prop 38 - NO on Munger initiative 
Prop 39 - YES on clean energy 
Measure J - Yes on transportation dollars in LA County



  1. you forgot NO on Measure B. Its a waste on californian tax dollars. The adult Industry does a great job of regulating itself.

  2. repeal death penalty?! no thanks

  3. Sheeple, all followers here! You are being told how to vote by gay bashing bullies who dream of sucking on people's "fartboxes" and eating fecal matter.

  4. LOL ^ This is WeHo Confidential if you don't like it get lost you republican hooker.

  5. Log Cabin Republicans - West HollywoodNovember 5, 2012 at 11:14 PM

    There is a lot of messed up stuff on this site but supporting Barack Obama is the worst! We need to get niggers out of power positions. How stupid are you guys? Black people are NOT equals and should be made slaves to us. It is a joke that we have a black President. RESTORE AMERICA, ELECT ROMNEY!!!!

  6. Exactly! This is WEHO Confidential, as a result you have no business discussing anything beyond Wayne Castro's fat rolls or Pej's smelly asshole! Attempting to engage in a substantive debate about politics is well beyond your intellectual capacity.

    With that said, Go OBAMA!


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