US Immigration Officers Deport Domestic Partner from Gay LA

Mark Smalley and his registered domestic partner of over 2 years Cameron Gray, both of whom are influential members of the gay community here in Los Angeles,  were recently separated from each other when Cameron re-entered the United States on Monday, Oct. 8th after visiting his family in Australia. Cameron was immediately locked up and treated like a criminal by US Immigration for over 10 hours after arriving in the US from his 16 hour flight from Australia. The officers said that he had "... too many entries on your tourist waiver, which tells me that you're not just a tourist... You're planning on staying here permanently, aren't you?" After his 10 hour detainment and thoroughly explaining his situation, he was then escorted by security to the gate of a departing flight where he was immediately deported back to Australia. This was simply due to the fact that Immigration officials chose to ignore how to handle Cameron's "unfamiliar" situation (referring to his status as the registered domestic partner of a California state citizen, and also an immigrant).

Cameron was initially invited to work here in the United States over 12 years ago and did so legally on a visa up until recently. Unfortunately he was laid off during the recession, so he lost his privileges to live and work in the US with a visa. However, during this time he had fallen madly in love with and committed himself to Mark. Unlike a heterosexual couple, Mark's US citizenship could not and still can not help Cameron get a legal visa, denying them the equal opportunity to spend of the rest of their lives together as a heterosexual couple could. The only other option would be that Cameron would have to leave the country every 90 days on tourist waiver, simply because same-sex immigration spouses cannot apply for those spousal visas.

WHY THIS IS UNJUST: On Friday, October 5th, the Obama Administration, (as promised Sept. 28th -, issued written guidance to immigration officials regarding same-sex relationships. It stated that immigration officials are required to recognize same-sex partners as family members when deciding whether to deport undocumented immigrants. This means that the Obama Administration created this policy to ensure that the deportation of immigrants in same-sex relationships (who pose no security risk) no longer took place. It is important to note that this policy came into effect BEFORE this all happened to Cameron. Therefore, the regulation was in fact intact during the time at which Cameron was deported, which means US Immigration officers did NOT abide by the newly-established policy (

Now Mark and Cameron face an uncertain future, separated by 7,500 miles and an immigration law that has one policy for heterosexual couples and another for same-sex couples. Thus, the deportation of Cameron Gray NEEDS to stop, and same-sex immigration laws NEED to change. All of the above will be used in Ryan James Yezak's upcoming documentary entitled,"Second Class Citizens", an all-encompassing look at discrimination based on sexual orientation here in the United States. "Second Class Citizens" promo:

This sucks! 



  1. Wow- like I really care. Im on my way to the baths ..with my bath salts

  2. white people should never be deported

  3. Well I must say..this is the first intelligent and well written post I have read on this site. Have you employed somebody with an education who is not a fucked up wannabe try hard mess?
    now let's wait for all the mindless pathetic comments about who fucked one of these guys while the other was away etc etc. Just to bring this site back to the second rate cheap site it is.

  4. This guy deserved to be sent back. Congratulations on our customs officers for catching this fraud.

  5. well gay marriage is Legal in that's the solution....
    and....LOL to the 2nd comment, sad!

  6. is there any way we can help as far as contacting officials and such?

    1. Yeah, you can get a clue, go back to school and get an education in socioeconomics and immigration policy...

  7. It's not a well written post. The first sentence isn't even a sentence. Regardless, I feel bad for these guys. We need to keep fighting the fight on gay marriage! It will happen.

  8. From what I can tell, he was denied admission into the USA. Deportation is something different.

  9. Lol yeah. He was denied admission to the US for violating US law. If they rounded him up and went looking for him like they do to the Mexicans, it'd be bad but no that's not the case.

    On the bright side, there's one less illegal in this country and more jobs for Americans :)

  10. "Cameron was initially invited to work here in the United States over 12 years ago and did so legally on a visa up until recently."

    "The officers said that he had "... too many entries on your tourist waiver, which tells me that you're not just a tourist..."

    OK, so he was invited to work here, but his employer provided him with a tourist waver? Where did he work, Fiesta Bar?

    It is pretty clear this guy was abusing our system! In the 10 years since he arrived here he could have pursued a legal remedy to his situation rather than continually rely on a "tourist visa" for over a decade! There are well educated immigration attorneys who deal specifically with people like him who would like to immigrate to the United States via the proper legal mechanisms. Sadly he chose to ignore such possibilities.

  11. Seriously? Uhhh he was LAID OFF BECAUSE OF A RECESSION IN AMERICA! Go back to Australia and enjoy fruitful employment. Just like any other COUNTRY (yes the U.S. is a COUNTRY not a Country club) you cheat immigration you get sent back. This article appears to have been written by a 7th grader who doesn't understand economics.


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