Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang

If we haven't already converted to giggly school girls.... then we have now.

One look at these two cuties & our loose tranny pu$$ies became moist with desire!

We're not sure how old they are but to be honest they're British.. so who fucking cares.

If only there was a way to block Bryan Singer from stalking them. 

Oh well at least they know what a KiKi is now!!!



  1. Age of consent in England is 16, so perv away.

  2. Those twins are just amazingly adoreable

  3. Jack and Finn are 19 years old now. Jack is the cuter one.

  4. holy shit they are gorgeous. they are identical twins fucktard, so they are equal and cuteness.

    and they naked bungee:

    i die

  5. I totes want to tongue fuck both of their smooth boy holes for hours.


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