Tom Ford's a DAD!! - October's Daddy of the Month

Tom Ford is a dad! 

He and his partner Richard Buckley, "are proud to announce the birth of their son, Alexander John Buckley Ford, born in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012” This is the first chid for the couple who have been together since 1986!

Tom was once quoted as saying “If I have children, no one will know about it until the child is born. And no one will ever see the child because I certainly wouldn’t use it as a press tool. If I have a child, you won’t notice that I had a child. Maybe you’ll see it when it’s 18, but I will keep it out of the spotlight.”


Neo & GG


  1. Will they be alive when the kid turns 18? A little old.

  2. ^^^ does it even matter? The kid will be loaded, and his famous dad is hot.

  3. I can't imagine having to stick it in that ancient nasty thing on the left, I don't care how much money he has.
    All the Tina and Viagravin the world couldn't make me horny enough to do anything but vomit in the presence of that nasty old thing.
    You just know it smells like sour milk, old urine and despair.

  4. I didn't know Tom Ford was dating Reid! Well good for them!

  5. 4:02am are you fucking stupid!!!! They don't have sex idiot, they are like a od Jewish couple. He has a trik on the side and she just Cleans her diamonds all day. Seriously you need to get real. You hav A LOT to learn. Cunt!


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