Sayonara: KRAVE Nightclub - Las Vegas

KRAVE nightclub as you know it is officially closed. Apparently the Las Vegas strip is unable to sustain a frist class gay nightclub & Krave is now "temporarily" operating from a TENT downtown according to their website.

AWWW... so sad!

Sometimes it's just better to end the party gurl. 



  1. dumbasses!!! READ THE FINE PRINT... they are renovating. Slow news day?

  2. Joo better buy some ads then hunty!

  3. they've been building a huge new space downtown... the tent is, in fact, temporary.

  4. who needs a gay club in Vegas? the other clubs are world class and mixed anyway. Krave is a dump

  5. The only thing these queens "krave" is a decent bathroom to do lines of blow in.
    Let's hope the new Krave has some!

  6. No one goes downtown so the new krave will be massive failure.

  7. Douchers! Krâve is gunna be the most massive gay nite club ever built. Booze n blow 24/7/365 days outta the year. Not like a pathetic ass CA alcohol curfew at not even 2 am.. More like 1:3o am where if you paid a cover you are robbed of half an hour of drinking time you imbeciles...


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