Andrew Christian
October 5, 2012

October's Drag Queen of the Month is Nebuer Styles

Nebuer started doing drag several years ago. Her first ever performance was at VIP. This queen loves the stage and being able to combine all of her creative aspects into one life sized character. She lives to dance and feel "sexy," at the same time loves to goof off and make everyone laugh. Most importantly Nebuer Styles is the ultimate crowd pleaser who will jump through hoops of fire for your applause.



  1. this site dying a slow and painful death

  2. And the two people who give a fuck who this fugly thing is thank you for posting this.
    But for the rest of us, thanks for once again assaulting our eyes (and ears) with yet another no talent whore who will likely be joining her sister Sahara on the express drug train to the Big Sky above us!

  3. vrenobney davenportOctober 6, 2012 at 11:30 AM

    it is really sad that you named the busted up queen as drag queen of the month when sahara davenport died this month tragically. give sahara the homage she deserves. enough with this conspiracy. remove the title and give it to its rightful owner immediately.

  4. Really? With all the good queens out there.... you pick a IE drag idol queen? Tired..

  5. Good drag queens? thats an oxymoron. no one cares about drag queens - it's not 1982

  6. Jealous much? I think so!!

  7. Sif noone cared about drag queens the clubs wouldnt be filled for dreamgirls, showgirls, pumped & there wouldnt be millions of people watching drag race every year... obviously people care.... but noone cares about this particular amatuer train wreck....

  8. nah, really no one cares... queens go to the clubs every night... the drag show is the agony you need to get through if you get there too early.

  9. LOL i'm loving all off these comments. I wish there was a like button

  10. Me too gurrrl!
    I just get so sick and tired of so much bandwidth being wasted on these loser drag queens only 3people have heard of!
    Enough is enough!
    Now I'm going to smoke some T to commemorate Sahara's passing.


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