Andrew Christian
October 28, 2012

LEAKED - Twin Boys Joining MTV's TEEN WOLF:

If you haven't heard by now MTV recently put out a casting call for a set of sexy twin boys to star on their new hit series TEEN WOLF. And even though some folks have yet to get the finalist memo we've managed to wrangle up the FINAL 3 sets of candidates just in time for you to cast your own vote before MTV's official decision is made!! In case you didn't know keeping tabs on twin twinks is definitely more a sport than it is a hobby.

? ? ?

 Carver Twins 
(as seen on Desperate House Wives)


Maxon Twins

And may the odds be ever in your favor!

To be honest we loved the Carver twins on DH but we're ready to try something new.

xo xo
Gossup Gurl

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  1. Since I'm an adult I do not watch this show and don't know anyone that does but I guess enough of you do which is a little. Creepy but I digress ....I say the ones in. The middle ...the maxons are royal douchebags who work all the gays with money and act a little too comfortable then behind ur back they'll say shit like "that's so gay ", queer, fag. Etc

  2. You left off the most obvious choice: The Entin Twins!

  3. The Entins aren't in the running because they're not desirable in any way whatsoever. This is the official list before the last two cuts are made.

  4. The Maxons will never talk like that behind anyone's back.
    They are amazing, professional, kind and loving people and they will never say such things.

    Beau & Skyler almost gave up their lives trying to save people... They are heroes.

    Backstabbing with useless accusations is low, very low... treat yourself with respect "a grownup gay man", then maybe people will respect you too.

  5. Agreed! I know the Maxon twins from their workplace. They are super sweet, super hot and gorgeous in every way. "a grownup gay man" needs to grow up and move on from talking S&#t.

  6. I vouch for the Maxons as well. Kind, freindly guys.

  7. I also agree about the MAXON Twins being the most amazing guys around town! "the grownup gay man" is for sure a jealous wanna be!

  8. maybe the drag queen had something to do with the limp willies for number 2 set. just sayin

  9. LOL
    ok, you can call me a "jealous wannabe", a liar, i need to grow up, "miss thang don't love herself" or whatever other delusional ridiculous things you, presumably same person, wrote in those 3 posts. that is FINE. keep living your delusion that you can shower them with attention, or gifts and trips etc if you're a daddy with $$, doesn't affect my life ONE bit one way or another. I am VERY HAPPY with my life fuck ya very much xo ;)
    i'm sure you were so entranced with them and the stories they told you at the house party or premiere whatever they were working as waiters at but when all is said and done, i still know the dumb, trashy homophobic shit i heard out of their mouths that obv they wouldn't say in front of you while your queeny ass was buying them drinks. i said they're douchebags, not clueless morons. they're very good at workin old gays like all young, decent looking hustlers in LA are.

  10. keep living your delusion that these guys, whom u have put on a pedestal, enjoy your company bc of your magnetic personality, or mature and debonair good looks, even though they're most likely into tits and vagina. keep buyin em drinks and helping them get roles on mtv shows based solely on your weird infatuation with their kind, amazing friendly, sweet, gorgeous souls (i get all ur 6th grade-level adjectives in there??)

  11. joke is on YOU muthafucka, not us haha

  12. Total douchebags. the first and 3rd at least. dunno the ones in the middle

  13. I went to High School with the Maxons. I actually was good friends with their sister and I had a class with Skyler. He was so nice and friendly and when I heard how one of them almost lost their lives recently while trying to save a woman, my heart broke for them. They truly are kind wonderful people and really deserve all these great opportunities.

  14. no won cares about any of these hookers. thats what they are. douchey dumb prostitoots.

  15. Mr grown up gay man obviously needs to get a life because he certainly doesn't have anything else to do apparently when he needs to write a book about his perceptions of these two .. go live a happy life and quit festering . It will all be ok I promise.

  16. Obviously affecting something . You don't think your tits and vagina comment was a little hypocritical when you are calling people on their shit .. really? If you throw stones in your glass house you will get cut .. carelessness doesn't bounce bud . It shatters... Get the glass chip off YOUR shoulder or you will create bad things for yourself . Quit being a victim

  17. If you want some for a and a vagina go buy yourself some with all the acting jobs you must be getting with that wonderful and appealing personality of yours . But alas, probably not huh?

  18. carver twins got it!


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