Is the city of WeHo Protecting You or their Revenue?

The City of West Hollywood is launching a campaign during this year’s West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval to educate the public about the dangers of purchasing food from unlicensed hot dog vendors. Hot dogs and other foods purchased from unlicensed street vendors may present serious health risks to the public. Posters that read, “Caution – Don’t Eat the Weenies!” will be posted along Santa Monica Boulevard and throughout the annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval to discourage visitors from purchasing food from the illegal food vendors.

“We urge Halloween Carnaval goers to patronize one of the many licensed food vendors or the fantastic restaurants the City has to offer during Halloween,” said Jeff Aubel, West Hollywood Code Compliance Manager. “Eating a hot dog or other food from an unlicensed street vendor can be dangerous and is gambling with your health,” Jeff Aubel continued.

Potential public health risks faced by persons purchasing food from an unlicensed hot dog vendor include: 
  • Unsanitary equipment and food safety conditions 
  • No access to clean water and/or limited hygiene facilities 
  • No refrigeration or temperature regulation of food products which can significantly increase the risk of spoilage of food products 
  • High risk of consumption of foods containing bacteria, viruses and parasites that contaminate food and cause food borne illnesses
There are many licensed food vendors at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval that do fully comply with all food safety regulations. To identify a licensed food vendor look for a certificate issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health that must be posted on the cart, trailer, or truck. 

For the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval’s full entertainment lineup, street closure information and parking information, please go to



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