Hidden Talent: Eryn Woods will Be Performing @ Tiger Heat!!

Oh honay Ms. Woods is in town & ready to party with her signature red Mohawk, vintage shop style and school-girl voice, early 20's, singer Eryn Woods is ready to dominate the world with her eclectic brand of POP-PUNK. Her music has already been featured on Vh1 and MTV and she works closely with many big designers, ex. Betsey Johnson, JoyRich, Kill City and many more. As the queen of the “Kupcake” brigade, a term she coined to define her “sweet, fun and diverse” fan base, Woods musical and fashion influence on young Kupcakes is spreading around the globe.

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Woods can’t recall a time when she wasn’t involved in the arts. She sang in her church choir, participated in musical theater and was enrolled in dance, acting and singing lessons, all of which taught her the key elements to fame: etiquette, politeness and grooming. Woods, who fell in love with the art of performing at 4 years old, had a musical epiphany as a teenager. Seeing NSYNC, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in concert only reinforced her interest in being a world-class entertainer. She moved to Cincinnati, Ohio at age 11 where she spent her formative school years and received vocal training at the Musical Arts Center. Upon graduating high school, Woods moved back down south and immediately began exploring opportunities within the music industry. She worked odd jobs in radio, as well as assisted managers and promoters in an effort to propel her career.

In 2005, Woods reached the semi-finals of the nationally televised Idol-esque singing competition Gospel Dream, where she was lauded each week by Platinum-selling singer and songwriter Kelly Price. Woods gained recognition and followers, preparing her for the greatness she was destined to have. After graduating high school, Woods scored a music business gig and relocated to New York; where she literally did music (sang background vocals) and business (supported the artist and manager with day-to-day operations). Through that experience Woods made numerous industry contacts, one of which became her current music producer, ARC with Pharsound Productions (Ke$ha, Kings of Leon, Shiny Toy Guns, Black Kids, Scissors Sisters), where they collectively decided to move to Atlanta and focus their energies on her solo project. The talented pair spent several months working on music, as well as Woods collaborating with songwriter Ursula Yancy who penned Rhianna’s hit record “Skin” from her multi-platinum album Loud. The dynamic duo came up with the infectious monster jam “Gangstas, Geeks and Freaks.” The polished, slick and dance-oriented track become the lead single from Wood’s self-financed debut EP Holl.E.Woods, which is an ode to the unapologetic underbelly of a city decorated by society’s outcasts, led by Woods herself. Also a play on her name, Holl.E.Woods is a brilliant and unorthodox concept album full of ambitious singles that are redefining the sound of an entire generation.

Playing numerous gigs and parties, the relatable black swan of the bubble gum world, Woods has shared the stage with the likes of Robyn, Hey Monday and The Ready Set. She has also performed at a variety of important PRIDE Festivals across the map, making the hyper-ambitious Woods somewhat of a global ambassador for tolerance and positive change. When she’s not working on perfecting her craft, Woods can be found speaking to middle and high school students on topics such as self-acceptance and bullying; two subjects she is painfully familiar with. Just like Woods herself, her music is diverse, honest, intellectual, charming and entertaining.

When you look past the hair, the clothes, the make-up and the piercings, you can see a young girl who promised herself that she would never stop pushing until she made her dreams of becoming an internationally-known superstar a reality. Her future has finally arrived this Thursday @TigerHeat & again this weekend at Palm Springs Pride!



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