Andrew Christian
October 2, 2012

Gayborhood Watch: Local 'Mo Attacked at Revolver

One local boy's birthday celebration at the bars didn't turn out to be so happy last Sunday night on 9/30/12. 

Kyle Rust was celebrating his birthday with friends Sunday night , September 30, on the patio at Revolver, when he says around 11 PM "a black [transgendered woman] reached over the fence" and took his friend's phone. Kyle and his female friend took off running after the woman and caught up with her on Palm near Cynthia Street. After demanding the phone back, out of nowhere a black man punched Kyle in the face and said, "We don't have the phone!"

Kyle immediately called 911 and while he was speaking with the dispatcher the tranny grabbed his phone from his hand, then the male attacker hit him across the face with a wrench. Kyle's female friend, not realizing the other attacker had a weapon, ran after the fleeing tranny and caught her. The male attacker then hit Kyle's friend across the jaw with his wrench.

The attackers escaped and Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene. According to Weho Daily, who was tweeting about the incident while listening to police scanners, the suspects were "last seen towards Holloway or on Holloway." Weho Daily also tweeted a description of the suspects: "male black 20's, one with a bleached blond mohawk, other is in drag or is TG.

 Another local resident reports that apparently prior to the attack, he was confronted by the duo near Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Boulevard and was asked for money and a place to sleep. He credits the fact that some alert Sheriff's deputies were nearby as to why they didn't harass him further. "

Kyle informed us yesterday that he is feeling sick because he "lost a lot of blood," and that his face is painful and swollen. He also suffered a broken nose, which he says he snapped back in place himself, after declining transport to the hospital.

Kyle says that he feels "sorry that these two are that desperate", and that he thinks it's "appalling" and "sad" that this even occurred. Kyle and his friend face hundreds of dollars in losses and expenses related to recovering.

The suspects are still at large. Anyone with information about this incident should call the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station immediately at (310) 855-8850.

Xoxo McGrough


  1. The rumor is that Raja gave him the blackeye because this punk was drunk and became very disrespectful with another queen

  2. Matthew Garcia did this exact thing to me when I was at the patio at Mickeys. He took off sprinting! That foriegn POZ spice butterface! Ugh no wonder u single

  3. Good. That's what he gets.

    Who runs after someone in LA when they've been robbed? Did you really think the black tranny was just gonna hand over the phone and pretend like nothing happened? Really? He made this situation even worse probably because he thought he could beat up the tranny because it's fem but karma gave him a good whooping.

    He must be from Kentucky.

  4. You loser commentators are sad pieces of shit, Im sorry you think that by running after a cokewhore tranny means that he "deserved" what he got......but then again you guys are probably ugly weho rejects who live your live vicariously through others and Mr. "good thats what he gets" I hope your mother gets raped by a black tranny and then dies of cancer :)

  5. storries like this saddens me even more the first three comments are out of fucking order, at first i was going to try and keep it classy and cute but u bitches done took me to left field! the questions is what if an incident as such would have happen to u or someone u loved or cared about! .... my point exactly!!! this kyle guy was not sbout that punk life like most of u pussies and fought and not just sat back and watch some tranny hooker steal a phone from his female friend he grew some balls and helped a "FRIEND" im sure most of u hoes never really knew or heard of a "true friend" reason being of the fackery, bitch assness that goes on. Kyle stood up and delt with that shit like a "G" and his girl well lets just say that bitch wasn't going down with out a fight, she got more balls any u lame ass hoes will ever have in a lifetime! .....thats all for now be blessed and may god be with u all........#voteordieobamabitches!

  6. like hollywood blvd, sunset blvd, old town pasadena and MANY other entertainment areas, SMB (and surrounding streets) needs to have its own security force!!!!....there are just TOO MANY issues these days and city hall needs to step in and make this happen....of course, they'll want the bar owners and others to pay this expense, which they'll balk at, but how much money are y'all dropping in these bars, restaurants etc????....they NEED to pony up and keep us all safe!!! hall, time to step up....this can't wait!!!!!

  7. If you ask me we really have a problem with these nasty black twinks and trannies in weho, they are ruining everyones good time with their ghetto antics and desparate means of getting money, sooo sad that a few black crackheads ruin it for the whole race, anyone remember the twink black guys at mangum hitting ppl in the club with wrenches bc they got their asses kicked? #banNiggersFromWehoPLz

  8. Wehoconfidential, why do you allow such unbridled racism on your blog?

  9. It isn't "racist" to call a spade a spade...or in this case, crackhead niggers crackhead niggers.
    That's what they are, and that's what they always will be.
    So please spare us the racial harmony speeches: believe you me if it
    YOU were the victim in this case, you'd be calling for a ban on niggers in Weho also.
    No, we're not talking about banning all black people-just the niggers, especially the trannies.
    Enough is enough!
    We shall overcome!

  10. Racism is everywhere... not sure why the site has to take the heat.

  11. This is where the attackers come for their they won't feel bad about busting white fags up...they are like they call us niggers we rob each's like extermination for free...thanks! Lol

  12. No dumb fuck ^ they get their ammo from being homeless, cracked out and desparate. I think its sooo sad that you would justify these disgusting ppl acting the way they are bc someone called them the "N word" on a website that they probably have no access to because they are homeless. If you would actually do your research youn would see that 95% of the crime done in west hollywood has been committed by black men, thats not being racist, thats stating a true fact. I think kyle and his friend are awesome for trying to go after and stop these nasty men bc that wouldve been two less low lifes im weho!

  13. I was sitting outside on the patio with friends when i seen this happen, as soon as the black tranny jumped over and took the girls phone her and two of her friends immediately jumped up and ran after them...what i found upsetting is that one of their friends sat there like nothing happened and continued to drink his or her drink bc i couldnt tell if it was a man or woman lol and then after a few minutes got up calmly and left....i hope kyle and his friend cut this bitch out of their life and i hope those nasty robbers get whats coming to them

  14. I was also there when this happened and seen the same thing all of kyle and the girls friends jumped up and ran after her as one "friend" sat there smoking a ciggarete drinking his drink then just walked out like nothing happend, it really is a damn shame this happened to them bc the girl who got her phone snatched is hot as hell but when she came back to find her "friend" her face was covered in blood and her knuckles were dripping blood as well bc she caught the tranny and fought her, kyles face wasnt pretty bruised and bloody too, i hope they make a speedy recovery and drop that loser friend of theirs ! God bless!

  15. haha...niggers get what niggers give~~!! hahaha on all of them....

  16. Has anyone else seen this "friend" of them out in weho? The big queen who sat there and continued smoking and drinking? Omg grossest thing ever! Ive heard him going around weho saying how he "runs west hollywood" and how "rich" he is haha! Bitch is always running around with big ass fake costume jewelry from HSN! lol sooo sad for a while everyone thought he was a lesbo with a hairy face! lol soo sooo sad that he acts like that with ppl acting like hes better than everyone when he clearly is a shit talking poser!

  17. I've met this tranny friend of theirs a few times in weho. she was always hangin out with a hot lipstik lesbian with big boobs and a tall hot white guy. i thought the guy was a chubby chaser til i asked around. thank heavons 'cause it'd be a real waste! this virgin tranny was always acting friendly with everyone in their face and then talk shit behind their backs n makin up lies (including about me) to make his/herself look rich. so sad. she calls herself a socialite and says she runs weho with all the money she spends but ive seen him at bus stops. i heard a whole bunch of his friends finally talked about his/her lies and cut his ass off! much deserved, cuz honay, the shit i heard she made up was some evil! I hope kyle and his friend healed quick, caught the mugger and are part of the bunch that cut that hot mess outta there lives!


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