Fire Island (Gay Island) Under Water:

Looks like nearly all but 15 permanent residents have been evacuated from Fire Island. The beach community is literally under water & although it maybe a slight exaggeration this gay mecca maybe the next Lost city of Atlantis although we certainly hope not. Most of manhattan seems to be toughing out the storm but Lady Liberty seems to be taking a beating!

We'll say a prayer!! 



  1. onk oink Piggy Miep Gap Fucked Anne Frank and Anne Rice!October 29, 2012 at 3:22 PM

    My thoughts are they needed this storm any ways as there are so many FLAMERS on that island!!!!!!!
    Don't for get Zahara!!!!

  2. That's a FAKE photo of the Statue of Liberty that's been going around. It's actually wallpaper from the film "The Day after Tomorrow"

  3. @ 4:10
    Shut up NIGGER no one cares what you think. Go pick some cotton!

    I love this whole storm trip! I wunder what Amada Lapore is doing since she lives in holtel 17 which is a hostel!!!

  4. I saw Amanda Lepore floating face down going southbound on West St. early this morning.
    I was surprised because with all her implants I thought she'd float better than that.
    Either that or I smoked too much Tina to deal with all this mayhem and mistook a sex doll for Amanda.
    Who knows.

  5. But yeah, that picture IS fake. You'd think the idiot who posted it would know better.
    And don't be too harsh on the niggers, remember even a stopped nigger is right twice a day.


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