Cost Effective Beauty Regimen by Shane Janek

In an effort to reduce the chemicals I use in my life and on my body over the last year I have overhauled my beauty regime with surprising results. I was brought up with the belief that if it costs more it must be better. It has been hard breaking this thought process but the results I have gotten with the below products have spoken for themselves. I am not a person who would compromise my beauty regime for the environment or because if cost. I prefer using the new products over the old products and love that there is a reduced impact on my body and the environment. A fringe benefit has been that i have replaced over $300 worth of products with $34 worth of products! I was willing to buy the expensive natural shit, but i didn't need to, these product have done it all and the quantities of the new products are much bigger so really the saving is even greater. 

And perhaps most importantly when talking about a beauty regime the skin all over my bo

dy is in better, more consistent condition.

I have replaced 

Method Hand Soap $3.99
Body Wash $15
American Crew Shampoo & Conditioner $25
Philosophy Purity Cleanser $28

with Dr Bronners Organic Free trade Magic Soap (1 litre bottle) $10

I have replaced 

Mac Cleansing Oil $30
Mac Eye Makeup Remover $19
Body Lotion $15
Nars Body Gloss (for Drag) $59

with Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 473ml $9.98

I have replaced 

Gillette Shaving Cream $3.59
Colgate Toothpaste $3.89

with Trader Joe's Shaving Cream 237ml $6.99
Trader Joe's Toothpaste with Fennel, Propolis & Myrrh (Fluoride free) $2.49

I have replaced 

Priori Skin Perfecting Gel $48
Cosmedix Moisturiser Phytoharmony 30ml $58

with Trader Joe's oil free facial moisturiser 177ml $6


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