Calvin Klein's Ex Cozying up to WeHo

It looks like Nick "$" Gruber is starting to clock in some serious time in LA.

First we spotted him shopping in LA over summer.

Then last Saturday at 4am we caught him buying butter w/friends at Rock n' Roll Ralphs on Sunset. Seriously who goes on a butter run @ 4am?

Is our new bi-coastal sugar baby really fitting in? Not according to source who told us "We all went to Greystone Manor, Sunday is their big urban night. Nick Gruber was there by himself, drinking alone at the bar looking really awkward and constantly checking his watch (showing it off, it was a roadster). What on earth was he doing there? Trying to snag a DL bruh?" When asked if Nick was looking good our source responded "face injections aside, he was pretty cute. just so out of place."

Is Nick WeHo's hottest new mess???  Only time will tell..

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Blue Ivy


  1. Anal warts were Quite evident on this one when he bent over for me a few weeks back.

  2. saw him at the grove shouting on the phone...homegirl was upset about something!!

  3. @ 11;02
    She was up set cause her rent was due!!

  4. Only a matter of time before he is recruited by Andrew Christian and turns into one of his douchey models like Colby Midget.

  5. Spotted just 30 minutes ago thumping melons @ Trader Joe's Sunset. No joke. He's so out of place but I am sure a daddy will notice him soon enough.

  6. He's done so much coke it's a wonder his septum hasn't got a hole in it.
    And he's taken so many cocks his ass is looser than a 30 year old hooker on Santa Monica.


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