AUDIO: Lindsay Lohan's "Kidnapping"

Apparently Lindsay & her mom did way too much blow together last night!!!  While cruising in a limo Dina Lohan & Linds began fighting over a $40,000 loan to save to family home. Randomly Linds called her father Michael Lohan claiming that she was being kidnapped by her mother.

Fortunately her loving father taped 3minutes & 40seconds of the call & shared it all with Perez Hilton.

After the police became involved the sleepless  mother & daughter made up for the cameras.

Lindsay's response to the all night "blow out"?

"My Family is Fu(king Crazy".


So glad not to have Lindsay's parents right now.




  1. I love that Linsey will never work again. What a sad sad family!

  2. The audio was on TMZ you sloppy, lazy, nothingblogger.

  3. Stop with the automatic play! If we want to hear a clip let us click on it!

  4. No wonder Lindsay moved back to NYC. we have the best blow around


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