Andrew Christian
October 18, 2012

Ann Coulter is Definitely our Bigot of the Month:


Seriously going down in history for being on the wrong side of civil rights...

Historians please take note.



  1. It was a joke! I've met her and she's far from anti-gay. This was taken out of context.

  2. I agree with the above commenter. You cannot take this literally! She is using sarcasm to make fun of those who WOULD disown their son. Although she doesn't believe in gay marriage, she is a personal friend to many of us. But believe me, she is fine with the controversy even though it doesn't reflect on who she really is. Sells her lots of books ;)

  3. LOL she's fucking hilarious… People just don't get her dark sense of humor. Like the flying carpet comment.

  4. Oh yeah she's awesome! She loves us! As long as we make her laugh and cater her parties and do her makeup... you know, as long as we know our place.

  5. She's definitely down with the gays...whenever I've seen her she's surrounded by them. She's far from bigoted people.

  6. She would get a kick out of you guys not being smart enough to get the joke.

  7. It's a joke... I am sure a lot of bigot think they're funny. She can have as many gay friends as she wants but those gay friends are not friends of ours. We get the joke.. we're not laughing.

  8. She is so ugly it burns my retnas.


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