WeHo Speaks: Malcolm's Back!

Malcom's back & he's serving up a cold plate of shade: 


Incase you missed Cinderfella you can watch it here!


  1. This Malcolm kid is an idiot. The whole point of full acceptance is to be accepting of all various forms of gay life.

    CinderFella works for some people, others find it cheesy. The sex-drenched videos/clubs work for some too, while others find that cheap and played out. Most of us live in the middle...but don't assume adopting a hetero-normative lifestyle is what all gay people should be striving for. That's just ignorant.

    There are endless types of straight people --- as there are gay people. So accept them all, and live and let live. If you're not into it, you're not into it. But don't be a cunt.

  2. Malcolm obviously doesn't have many straight friends because if he did he'd know they're not all striving for the nuclear family white picket fence lifestyle as well. As the person above me posted, true acceptance is allowing people to live the life that they want. With any bell curve you're going to have extremes on opposite ends, but I think the majority of us fall somewhere in the middle. Malcolm sounds like some young kid that needs quite a few more years of experience before he really understands how the world works. I'm sure he's probably 22 and thinks he's got it COMPLETELY figured out. Poor kid. He's in for a rough ride ahead.

  3. Hey Malcolm, you're a self-aggrandizing asshole!

  4. I'm all aboard Team Malcolm. Once again he's absolutely correct.

  5. This kid is retarded.

    Find him a helmet and strap him down before he bites someone.

  6. ^^^^^
    Well he's been in The UCLA Psychiactric Hospital and wrapped in a staight jacket, so i don't think a helmet and a good strapping down again is a bad idea.


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