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You’ve seen the crazy clipboard people in West Hollywood, right?  You walk by them in front of Gay Starbucks, you ignore them on the way to 24 Hour Fitness and you tell them you’re too busy on your way into Pavillions. Honay, you could be ignoring these people all over town.

Next time one of those nice clipboard people stops and asks “Do you live in West Hollywood?” PLEASE stop for 30 seconds and sign your damn name.  A citizens group is trying to put Term Limits for the West Hollywood City Council on the March Ballot to protect this city from career politicians.

If it gets approved, that would mean that the dinasours at City Hall would have to turn over the keys to the City after three terms... to some new blood. John Heilman’s already been there for 28 years for chrissakes.

So step up, honay, and look for the petitioners this weekend – Saturday and Sunday 12 to 4 pm at Gay Starbucks or SM & Larrabee – they’ll be out with tables and umbrellas – so you can’t say you didn’t see ‘em. You can even register to vote right there at those tables ‘cause if you’re not registered – you don’t count.

And, hey, do you need a good excuse to talk to all the cuties walking the streets of West Hollywood?  Email the initiative’s grassroots organizer Sheila Lightfoot to find out how to volunteer... rdawgone@sbcglobal.net. She’s amazing!

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  1. Term limits are THE WORST THING to happen to American politics. Term limits will result in politicians that are more concerned with how they'll get their next term or office. Term limits don't allow for continuity or encourage people with a real vision and sense of local community to run office. Instead, you'll end up with people who lack a "big picture" or vision and are just career poltiicans , working their way up the political ladder because of social promotion. Be careful for what you wish for. Just look at the City of Los Angeles.

  2. You say that term limits are the "worst". Maybe you're sentence would make sense if you were in favor of term limits. You're thoughts aren't coherent no matter what side you're on.


  3. If a politician has done a good job he won't have to worry about being re-elected for a new term. We need leaders with fresh ideas for resolving issues and the balls to carry them out. Without term limits you could get stuck with some dumb ass in office and have trouble getting him/her out of office.

  4. The best form of "term limits" are built into the United States Constitution and the Constitutions of every state: they're called elections. The happen regularly, and without fail or delay.

    And even long-standing incumbents get voted out in elections. Ask Former US Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (after 8 years in the House and then 18 years in the Senate); Former US Senator Bob Bennett (voted out in the primary after 18 years in the Senate, and current US Senator Richard Lugar, who has served in the Senate SINCE 1977 who just lost his primary election after 36 years in the Senate. There are plenty of others I could add to this list.

    If you don't like an elected official, vote against him/her, support someone running against him/her or run yourself. I've personally managed or advised campaigns that have knocked off well-entrenched incumbents. It happens, and it works.

    Term limits is throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Are there some local politicians who ought not be in office? Perhaps. But term limits is not the answer.

    And remember, the person who is really behind this whole "term limits" crap is Steve Martin. Yes, the Steve Martin that himself served 12 years on the council, and has been desperately trying - with no success - to get back on the council ever since I managed the campaign in 2003 that knocked his worthless ass off the council. Do you really want that snake back on the West Hollywood City Council? Have you people been here long enough to actually remember some of the crap that he pulled, including "leaking" misinformation to the LA Times about things that purportedly happened in closed session meetings. And he wasn't doing it for altruistic reasons either. It wasn't to be a whistleblower. It was because he was engaged in a bitter political feud - one that he, himself started, and one that he, himself fueled and continued to fuel.

  5. Term limits are the worst. GET THOSE OLD CUNTS OUT!!!! So we can move West Hollwood into the 21st Century. West Hollywood should be the mecca for restaurants, fashion, nightlife, defining LA culture but it is a hub of ghetto ass trash and tacky gay clothing stores. OUT with the old in with the new!!

  6. I thought that sickly John Heilman would die soon. How is that freak of nature still running our city. Then that freakish woman should go back under the rock she came from and drink her water bottle filled with vodka. That woman is a drunk.

  7. I would also love to be more of a mecca for restaurants, fashion and nightlife as well. But term limits may make that even harder. Most of the non-winning candidates are much more NIMBY assed and obsessed with parking requirements and against any development that residents fear could make cause a car trip. At least some stuff gets approved now

  8. West Hollywood wouldn't exist without John Heilman. He was critical to the incorporation of the city in the 1980s, and a lot of city projects would not exist without him. That beautiful library that is the envy of all LA? His project. Further, anyone who has spoken to him knows he is kind, fiercely intelligent and incredibly generous.

    It's the citizens of WeHo who keep electing Heilman. Those who have lived here long enough know why.

  9. He barely won the last election because tons of folks who have lived here long enough know better. He's done a wonderful job & it's time to move on.


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