Take the 60 Second HIV Test & Win a FIAT!!

The quickest and easiest way to get tested is finally here! Know your results in only 1 minute – YES JUST 1 MINUTE!

This Saturday, Sep. 22 from 3-8pm is the launch of the INSTI Rapid HIV test – an exclusive event in West Hollywood & brought to you by AIDS Healthcare Foundation and freeHIVtest.net
Get tested and GRAB A CHANCE TO WIN A BRAND NEW CONVERTIBLE FIAT 500, spend some time in the CASH BOOTH, have some photo booth fun, and ENJOY DRINK SPECIALS and other great giveaways!
Can’t make it? Join the fun at Mickey’s on Wednesday from 8pm-1am and again at Here Lounge on Sunday from 5-9pm.
About the test: Unlike other tests which take between 15-30 minutes to generate results, the INSTI test produces results in as little as 60 seconds.
And, remember, it’s all about the best sex being safer sex. On freehivtest.net THERE’S NO COST! NO JUDGMENT! NO SHAME! NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT YOU’VE DONE!
Click here for more testing locations HIV Testing Locations on freeHIVtest.net
xxxo Neo


  1. Lucas John definitely needs to get tested. I barebacked that queen last week when we met on GRNDER

  2. Wouldn't that be a kicker if you tested positive then won the Fiat?

  3. I just want to win the car ..when are they giving it away?

  4. It was a scam! There was NO car there to be given away. Just another drug industry Scam! they werent ther eto give a car away! Not even a Mention! The car wasnt even tthere! Toal Scam artists! Im reporting everyone involbed to the BBB an d consumer Affairs and teh Fran chise tax board and state board of equalization and for false advertising! I took pics and videos to show as well. Damn Liars!

  5. @ 12:36
    Id have to agree with you I went there hoping to win a car! There was NO car to win ..Instead I was charge for some expensive drinks

  6. Hi,
    There was no car giveaway last nite at this event. Yes it was a scam. Ill just giveaway AIDS tonite!

  7. The car was at the Abbey Saturday from 3-9 PM just as they advertised. Over 200 people were tested for free and now are in the running for the Fiat. Everyone tested also went into a cash booth to grab money on the Abbey patio. Likely you losers thought the Abbey was the place downtown for Catholics and not the bar on Robertson. They will be at Micky's on Wednesday.


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